“Zulin’s house is beautiful, just take a look..” – Netizen

Videos and pictures of Zulin Aziz’s new house get a lot of attention. Wow, the interior decoration of Zulin’s house is very beautiful. It really looks very quiet and comfortable!!

Looking at Zulin Aziz’s Instagram account, some post Zulin displaying the interior decoration of his new home has attracted a lot of attention. Zulin has shared photos and videos of several rooms in his house.

Choosing a beige color for the color theme of the walls of his house, the condition of Zulin’s house that has been decorated creates a sense of calm when looking at it. Zulin’s living room and dining room look very comfortable and beautiful.

Zulin does not place a lot of furniture in his house and this makes his house look spacious. The decorations used in all the rooms in Zulin’s house also look right and some are unique.

So far both post Zulin on this Instagram has received more than a thousand likes since it was uploaded. Many praised the condition of Zulin’s house, which was very beautiful and neat. Wow, the other rooms must be beautiful too.

Let’s watch the video below:

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The average netizen praised the beautiful interior decoration of Zulin’s house. Among the comments given by them:

“Oh Allah Lawa g1l4aaa zulin Mcm Pinterest.. So beautiful. Don’t worry.. Love the colors and layout..”

“The beauty of the new house.. The first thing you see is the one under the chair.. The white chair is cute, where did you buy it.”

“The color of the wall tone.. What color is zulin.. Don’t worry.. Cool.. Hope you stay happy until heaven. We are lucky to have each other..”

“It’s beautiful sister, just calm down, look.. More or less the deco at my husband’s cousin’s house, full nude color, beautiful..”

“Come on, you are beautiful, you know how to cook, you know how to make money, you know how to make up, you know how to paint, you know how to decorate your house, everything is complete, mashaAllah, a very heaven-sent wife.”

If the name is Zulinaziz’s mother. It was so beautiful. He’s kretippp.. He likes new decorations..”

“Beautiful.. when will the house be warmed up? Haha.. later when I was little all the decorations will be ready lol, the little ones are happy to see it all…”

“It’s beautiful, Zulin’s new house is starting to become a model.. Zulin’s mirror. May I know where to buy Zulinaziz..”

A beautiful and comfortable house certainly adds a sense of calm when you are at home. Congratulations to Zulin for having a dream house that is everyone’s dream.

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Source: IG Zulin Aziz

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