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Zoetropic – Hey guys, welcome back with the coolest mimin on your favorite Aptoide. As usual, Mimin will always share an Application, Game or Tips for the newest and most popular tricks for my friends, visitors.

On this good occasion, Mimin will recommend a photo editor application. Curious, right? Okay, just out of curiosity, I’ll give you a review below. But before continuing to listen to this article, don’t skip it so you don’t miss the latest information from us. Check this out guysss!

Who doesn’t like photo editing? Of course, most people almost do this if the photos they take are less attractive. Photo editors can of course do this via a PC or smartphone. However, many editors don’t want to bother with editing photos on a PC.

Therefore, there are lots of editing applications that you can find in the Playstore and Appstore. Generally photo editing applications are only to improve lighting or interesting filters. However, there is something else from this photo editing app that we will share with you. hehe more curious right?


Have you ever opened social media, especially Instagram and opened a comment on another user’s post. Usually celebrities or users who have a lot of followers. In the comments there is an account that sells moving photo editing services. Already imagined, right?

Hoalah, it must be using a PC or surely it’s a video where the scene is repeated when it’s being edited, of course many think like that. It turns out that the assumption is wrong, all of you guys, it’s enough to use a cellphone and just one photo, you can do that using the application zoetropic.

To find out more about this application, you can see the full description below, guys.


zoetropic pro full apk is an application to add motion effects (cinemagraph) to photos or images that you have on your android device.

By using the zoetropic application, you can give a life effect to the photos you have, you can make the photo feel like you have life, wow, right?

So, what Mimin explained earlier, you don’t need to have moving photos without using an editor, you can do it yourself using this super cool application.

This application is certainly different from photo editing applications such as inshot, picsart and others. Usually photo editing applications can only increase brightness, filters or manipulation.

Actually this application also includes manipulation but the difference is that it can move hehe. This application is an advantage and is an application that is sought after by more than 5 million people downloaded on the playstore.


Of course, this application also has two versions, namely the regular version pro zoetropicthe plain version is enough to make amazing photos.

But if you are not satisfied with disturbing things such as watermarks and others, you can have them pro zeotropic. Unfortunately, on the app zoetropic pro apk this is paid. But don’t worry if you want to download it without paying, Mimin has provided the link below.

Before downloading this application, please, my friend, first know what features are contained in the application zoetropic this. These are the features available in this pro version of the application.

Zoetropic Features

Here we will provide info, what features are contained in both versions of this application.

Get Free (Free)

  • There is a motion tool at every point that you want to give a motion or live effect and direct the effect according to the flow of the object in your photo.
  • By using a stabilizer or stabilization, you can determine which points should not be moved, this can avoid distortion with the points you have given and also if the three stabilization points meet, then a stabilized area will be formed.
  • The mask tool can determine which areas of the image have no motion.

Pro Features (Paid)

  • Ads Free (No annoying Ads)
  • Cinematic Features
  • Make photos more unique and cool.
  • The GUI (Interface) is simple and easy to understand.
  • Fast rendering process.
  • The tool features are very complete, and
  • There are many others.

Again, this is the best photo editing application that you can download zoetropic pro download it for free without you spending any money. With this application, you can edit photos without worrying about seeing the watermark covering the screen. Come on guys, just have this application.

Zoetropic Pro Apk Download

For those of you who can’t wait to have this application, you can download the zoetropic pro app This is for free on the link that Mimin has shared below. Just pick it up guys.

Download Zoetropic Pro Apk Details
Apk Name : zoetropic pro apk
Version : 1.5.75
Updated : May 2019
Size : 50M
Android : v4.4 +

How to Install Apk

For those of you who have difficulty installing this application, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step that must be done is to download this apk file first, which we have provided the link above.
  • If you have downloaded the apk file, don’t install it yet, guys, first check on the phone settings whether the “unknown source” has been turned on.
  • If it is turned on, just click on the apk file and install it.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Open and edit…

How to Use the App

If you have installed this application but are confused about how to use it, you can just follow the steps below.

  • Open the zoetropic application, when it looks like the image below, click “Tap here to get started”.
  • Then find the image you are looking for by clicking the icon like the image below and select the image or photo you want to edit and click ok.
  • The image or photo that you have selected has entered the display and to make the object move, select the “motion” tools icon. Swipe or swipe the object based on which direction you want to move.
  • From the picture below, we take a beach object where the wave movement leads to the bottom of the beach, if you want to make a move, you can also do the same as before.
  • Because using this tool is sometimes not neat, you can click the “stabilize” tool to limit the motion so that the motion does not hit the stationary part of the object.
  • If it looks neat, just click the three dots in the top corner and select Save/Export video then click save.

That’s the article about zoetropic pro apk, hopefully it can be useful for all of you. Don’t forget to continue to support me by sharing this article with your friends or on your social media accounts. Thank you


What are the advantages of the pro version application with this regular application?

Of course, this pro version application has no annoying watermarks and the rendering process becomes faster.

Can this pro version of the application run on IOS devices?

No, for now it can only run on Android devices.

What android requirements can run this mod application?

Android v4.4 +

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