Zodiac Affinity Spotify Link, How To Make It Easy

Zodiac Affinity Spotify Link – Recently, zodiac affinity and Spotify Link seem to be in vogue, and are sought after by netizens.

Spotify is a very popular music streaming application which is widely used by netizens to listen to songs online.

By using Spotify, users can certainly find many favorite songs from various genres, from the latest songs to classics.

Well, not infrequently in the Spotify application, the latest trends appear and eventually go viral and are followed by many users.

One that is currently being discussed is the Zodiac Affinity Spotify Link trend, see the full review below.

As mentioned above, Spotify’s Zodiac Affinity is one of the trends that many users are following these days.

Zodiac Affinity Spotify is a playlist of songs sorted by your zodiac sign as the owner of a Spotify account.

When you create Zodiac Affinity, you will use your Spotify account later, which will then be read to find your favorite playlists.

The songs and artists you listen to frequently will later be used by the generator to create a playlist based on your current zodiac sign.

Of course, playlists also vary by zodiac sign. Even if they have the same zodiac sign, the given playlists will be very different.

This is because this generator site will be customized based on the most listened songs and artists on the Spotify app.

Interesting right? If you are also interested in following this trend, you can visit the official Zodiac Affinity website below.

Many Spotify users make this Zodiac Affinity and then share it on the internet or social media.

Zodiac Affinity Spotify Link

Well, if you are also interested in creating a Spotify Zodiac Affinity Link, you can use the browser application to go directly to the official site.

You can make your Zodiac affinity viral by simply visiting the official website via the link provided above.

To create a playlist of songs based on your horoscope, you can log into your Spotify account on the website.


The generator will automatically read song data from your Spotify account and create a Zodiac Affinity playlist. Check how to do it below.

How to Create a Zodiac Affinity Spotify Link

To make it more clear Create Zodiac Affinity Spotify Link below, we also provide a short tutorial to create this Zodiac Affinity trend on Spotify.

  • Open the browser app on your phone and go to the official website https://zodiacaffinity.tech/
  • Then you can login to your Spotify account directly and enter your password.
  • After that, select your zodiac symbol or sign to create a playlist.
  • Click the Next button and wait a few moments, then the screen will display a playlist of your favorite songs.
  • You can then take photos or screenshots of the results provided to share on social media.
  • Done.

One of the questions for users who want to try this trend is whether the site is safe to use?

Is Spotify’s Zodiac Affinity Safe?

Zodiac Affinity Spotify itself does use the role of a third party, namely the site itself, not officially provided by Spotify.

Although classified as fragile, Zodiac Affinity can be said to be quite safe because so far it has been used without problems.

If you’re afraid of losing your data, maybe after creating Zodiac Affinity Spotify, you can remove the site’s app permissions from your account.

  • Open the Spotify app and sign in to your account.
  • Then click the Account Profile menu.
  • Select the application menu.
  • A list of websites or apps that can access your account will appear here.
  • After that, select Zodiac Affinity and click Remove to remove access.
  • Done.

Using this method, the Zodiac Affinity site will no longer have access to the Spotify account you used, and will ensure that the account is safe again.

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