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Zepeto China Apk – Do you have unfulfilled dreams in real life? now is the time for you to pour all your imagination through a game application called Zepeto. The Zepeto application is a game apk developed by Naver Z Corporation which was updated on September 15, 2021 yesterday. For the original and latest version, you can get it through the play store.

Talking about Zepeto, this time there is a Zepeto China Apk version that you can play, of course there are differences in it, so for those of you who have used the original version, you can try this apk. Currently the Zeperto game is being sought after, for those of you who don’t know about the game, you can listen to a brief discussion about it.

You need to know Zepeto China Apk is another version of the apk from the original developer which allows you to get lots of items for free without purchasing items. In this game, you can choose an avatar that is similar to yourself, then the avatar or character you choose can use what is trending, choose a cool hairstyle, apply make-up to express yourself through the character. For more details, see the following.

About Zepeto China App

Currently, there are many versions of the Zepeto application, some from Japan to China. Well, this time you can play Zepeto China which has been released. But unfortunately the apk is not available on the play store, but you can get it for free.

Currently, you can download Zepeto China Apk using an Android smartphone or others, for example iPhone, this time we will share with you Zepeto China v3.1.1, which can be downloaded for free.

Regarding the apk, it has a rating of 8.2 out of 10 so this is a very cool apk and has been played a lot. Now is the time for those of you who play Zepeto to officially play Zepeto China Apk below.

Download Chinese Version

Zepeto China Apk Download

App Name Zepeto China Apk
File Size 92,2MB
Version 3.1.1
OS Android 6.0+
Price Free
Categories Game

Curious to try it? just download the apk via the link we have prepared below.

Download here: Zepeto China Apps

Make sure when installing you will get a message or notification reminding that this apk is not safe so you need to activate unknown sources. This can be concluded because Zepeto China Apk is not sourced from the play store and you can install it in the following way.

Cara Install Zepeto China

  1. Open Zepeto China Apk.
  2. Then enter on your Android smartphone.
  3. Then enter the menu “Settings or Settings“.
  4. Then select “Security or Security“.
  5. Continue by selecting “Unknown Sources or Unknown Sources“.
  6. Just activate it by clicking on it.

The settings above are always used by Android users who will install from applications that are not in the Play Store market.

Oh yes, for those of you who are curious about the apk, please see the features below.

Zepeto China Apk Features
  1. Many Avatars

In the Zepeto China Apk version, there will be many avatars that will make you not bored to play it. Consists of many avatars ranging from teenage boys and girls even you can make your own avatar. Pour your imagination in this game what your life will be like.

2. Use Trends

In this game there are also many clothes that can be used by the avatar you play, but unfortunately to get the latest clothes or clothes you need to buy items in the game.

3. Play in the Zeperto World

In this game you are free to play and express yourself, you can even say you can make your own life in this game, from hanging out, making events to fun weddings.

4. Invite Friends

In addition to expressing yourself, you can also invite fellow Zeperto players so that playing becomes more exciting and very entertaining. You can play with your friends and have fun, can take photos together and play together.

5. Play Anywhere

In this game there are many maps so you can play on various maps. Seeing from the video trailer, you can play in urban areas even in game arenas that you may have never found.

6. Map Without Borders

In this game once again there are many maps and even unlimited maps so there is no limit to playing this game, but the limit to playing it is your imagination.

7. Can Connect with Friends

The most interesting thing in this game is that you can stay connected with your friends by sending DMS to each other, you can chat or chat with each other, share stories, look for news and feedback inspiration, and you can even join the crew in this apk.

8. Design Your Own Outfit

If you don’t find clothes that you like to wear on your avatar, then there is a feature to design your own clothes so you can make your avatar more stylish and cool.

Well, those are the features that you can later find in Zepeto China Apk, instead of you looking here and there about what’s in the apk, it’s better to download it now.


For those of you who like to design yourself and aspire to build a government or your life, then this game is perfect for playing, let’s try it now.

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