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Many questions have been raised about the issue of the disappearance of the former TV3 character, Zalina Azman, since last November.

More baffled, how many months has this condition gone viral. Months have passed without any evidence or indication, netizens feel something mysterious about Zalina Azman’s case.

Internet users also expressed their questions on social networking sites.

“Then there were no police in that area, and they didn’t even look for an investigation, and they didn’t use a sniffer dog to look for Zalina Azman’s scent.” This is one of the comments from Internet users.

In fact, since last November, the police launched a detailed investigation.

In fact, Shah Alam District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Ibrahim, said that a single-storey house in Zayina Azman was searched twice.

The house is located in Division 3 Shah Alam, and has been investigated since Zalina’s son filed a police report.

Zalina Azman Bungalow first opened in November last year and followed up for the second time about two weeks ago.

Not only that, the police have also called up a forensic team from the police and also the K9 dog tracking unit.

“It is true that there is no new evidence yet. The police have searched his house before.”

“However, I cannot reveal the details, and can only confirm that no evidence of any criminal element was found in the house.”

“There is no discovery that is said to be strange or strange in the house. During the search we also contacted the forensic team.”

This is also a comment about the use of detection dogs in Zalina Azman’s home.

“In addition, our side also used the services of a dog tracking unit. Indeed, no trace was found in the house nor outside it.”

With regard to construction workers doing the renovations, the police said the work had been halted due to the movement control order.

It is difficult to locate the contractor who renovated Zalina Azman’s house because it has been so long.

“The house renovation period has been a long time, not recently. So, we have to look for the workers themselves. We can’t be sure if the workers are local or foreign.”

This is the latest development in the Zalina Azman case.

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