Zack Snyder appears on Teen Titans Go! in the guest role

While DC fans eagerly await the new trailers Aquaman and the Lost KingdomAnd the Shazam! wrath of the godsAnd the black AdamDC Films isn’t the only one having fun at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Another team of iconic DC heroes and their popular series Teen Titans Go!Just making any Snyderverse fan very happy. It was announced in the “Cartoon Network: Winner Takes” presentation during the SDCC for that director Zack Snyder He will be the guest of honor in the next episode of Teen Titans Go!.

Reported exclusively by The Hollywood ReporterSnyder will appear in Episode 365 of the series, aptly titled 365, where the Teen Titans want Episode 365 to be their own, so they head to Warner Bros. studio. To search for a way out. Of course, this leads them to Snyder. This idea is pretty weird but it goes with Go! looney toon Style, should just bring a hilarious smile to any DC fan’s face.

Snyder has had a long history with Warner Brothers comic book adaptations since its version of 300 In 2006. However, since the director made watch man In 2009, Snyder was a major part of the DC Universe. man of steel And the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice They are some of the most complex of movies, even if you’re not a particular fan of Snyder’s style. Also, as any fan knows by now, Snyder finally got his full four-hour version Justice Squad It was produced and released last year after a very long and hard road for the director.

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DC and WB have stated countless times in the past that they don’t continue in the Snyderverse, but then again, Snyder appears in Teen Titans Go! It might be the next best thing. like Snyder, he goes! It was a controversial show in the eyes of many DC fans. While many fans view it as a watered down, kid-friendly version of 2004 it was critically acclaimed Teen Titans The series, its hilarious writing and Road Runner-inspired humor are simply delightful if you give it a chance. That’s why it’s so fitting and weird that Snyder appears on this show instead of a more difficult R series like Harley Quinn. James Jennanother famous director from DC, is appearing in this bloodstained show this season.

However, even though Snyder doesn’t fit the tone he goes! Maybe that’s why the Titans wanted him as a director. They want to make a dark and dangerous episode that will help them shake off their PG’s allure. This will be in the same context as the criminally underrated movie of the series Teen Titans GO! to the cinema. Like this movie, Snyder tries to make an episode of he goes! With Titans it can’t help but go hilariously wrong. Especially considering Robin’s sheer ego in this growing series. Hopefully, that means we’ll get to see Snyder and Robin’s heads during this insane meta-episode.

The 365th episode with Snyder will be shown in the fall on Cartoon Network and the series has also announced a Hip-Hop group of the sun He will also return for another guest appearance in Season 8. While we humorously wait for Snyder to return to the DC Universe, you can catch up on both of them Teen Titans Go! and Snyderverse on HBO Max now.

Check out our 2018 trailer Teen Titans GO! to the cinema less:

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