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Applying effects to videos is now very easy with the help of many video editing applications both on PC and on HP. Making a delicious museum bokeh video effect can be easier and faster without having to have adequate video editing skills.

However, the number of applications and video editing software makes many people confused which one to use. Well, for those of you who are still confused, here we will share recommendations for applications and editing software that you can use easily and quickly.

What are Bokeh Videos?

Before you edit about bokeh videos, you need to know what bokeh videos are really about. Bokeh itself means an effect that makes an object blurry. This effect is usually applied to the background.

Thus, the eyes of the video audience will be more focused on the person or object being shot. This effect not only makes the audience more focused, but also makes the video look more aesthetic. No wonder so many people want to use this effect on their videos.

In general, there are 2 different ways to make a bokeh video. The first is to shoot directly using a high-quality camera or using the latest smartphone camera.

But if you still can’t, you can use the second method, namely editing it using a video editing application. Here are some applications that you can use:

Recommended Delicious Delicious Museum Bokeh Video Editing Applications for PC

In this first recommendation, we will first share the editing applications used for the PC platform, including:

1. Adobe After Effects

In the first place there is the most widely used video effect editing software even by professionals. Namely Adobe After Effects. From the name, it can be seen that this software is a product of Adobe which of course has no doubt about its quality.

Adobe After Effects itself has a very complete feature to create an effect for video. Including making videos into bokeh. To give this effect, you must master the selection technique and apply blur to certain areas in the video.

Adobe After Effects will help you to make a selection with the features in it. In this feature, Adobe After Effects has advanced technology because it can map a video per frame. So that the selection results will be more detailed and accurate.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Still from Adobe, now we will discuss another big name from the world of video editing. Yes, it is Adobe Premiere Pro. This application is usually used in conjunction with Adobe After Effects to enhance each other.

Well, this is where you can perfect your editing results that have been done previously using Adobe After Effects.

But if you didn’t use Adobe After Effects before, it wouldn’t be a problem either. Because the museum’s bokeh videos are delicious, they can still be produced properly using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Because here you can still find the selection feature even though it’s not as smart as the one in Adobe After Effects. But this is enough to give a bokeh or blur effect in certain areas of a video.

3. Filmora

The two editor software that we shared above do have a size that is quite large and very heavy to run. For those of you who don’t have adequate devices to run the two applications above, we have an alternative that you can use.

Namely software called Filmora. This one application is quite complete as a video editing application on a PC. Its use is also quite easy, including for making museum bokeh videos. Most importantly, Filmora is much lighter than the two previous Adobe apps.

4. Windows Movie Maker

Another alternative that can be used to edit videos into bokeh is Windows Movie Maker. Although it is not as sophisticated and complete as the application above, Windows Movie Maker can be an interesting choice for you in editing videos to have a bokeh effect.

Besides being lightweight, Windows Movie Maker can be obtained for free. You can directly download this one application from the official website.

Recommended Delicious Delicious Museum Bokeh Video Editing Applications for Android

Recommended Delicious Delicious Museum Bokeh Video Editing Applications for Android

Our next recommendation will be to share a video editing application that you can use for Android devices. Just take a look at the following list:

1. Power Director

The first name we recommend is Power Director. This paid application has features that are sophisticated enough to make a quality bokeh video. In addition to making bokeh videos, here you can also use other features such as cutting videos, adding music, and others.

To be able to use it, you must first download it from the Google Play Store or directly access the link below:


2. Kinemaster

Besides Power Director, there is also Kinemaster which is no less popular. This application is quite convenient to use as a bokeh museum video editing, it is delicious because it has a lot of features that can be used. More or less the features possessed by Kinemaster are almost the same as PC applications.

Here you can add music, cut and splice videos, apply effects, paste stickers, and much more.

To be able to fully enjoy Kinemaster, you must upgrade to the premium version. Because in the basic or free version, there will be many limitations, including the presence of watermarks in Kinemaster editing results. Here is the download link for Kinemaster via the Google Play Store:


3. InShot

Power Director and Kinemaster may seem complicated to some. If you are one of them, maybe you need a simpler and simpler editing application. Then InShot is the answer.

This application allows you to make a bokeh video very easily. Because here there are already many features that have been simplified to make it easier to use even for beginners. Here is the download link from InShot via Google Play Store:


4. After Focus

Want to use your camera directly to record bokeh videos? Then you can use AfterFocus. This Android application is very interesting because it can be directly applied to the camera or edit photos and videos on your smartphone.

AfterFocus has a selection feature that can select the media being edited and then apply a bokeh effect to the selected area. This feature is rarely owned by other editor applications, making it unique and special. If you’re interested, here’s the download link:


Editing a deliciously delicious museum bokeh video might be easier with the many help apps like the ones above. But the app uses a different technology than the camera. So the results will not be as good as when you record directly using the camera.

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