YouTube Wants To Soon Show The Most Popular Scenes In Videos

YouTube has apparently declared war on boredom. At least, video portals now want to make it easier for their users to skip parts of the video that are considered less interesting without further ado. But so you know right away at what point the spotlight awaits, subsidiary Google it now marks the most viewed scene.

This new feature sounds simple as well as clever. YT wants to display graphics with each video in the browser and the app, which should highlight interesting scenes. The graph is based on the number of viewers. YT expects this to increase user convenience. After all, you don’t have to fast-forward through the video piece by piece by chance.

Instead, you can choose the most interesting part of the graphic. By the way, the company doesn’t just expect this to be a useful feature for video consumers. Also, the creators behind the videos should get helpful hints for future videos. oh, the video producer can do a thorough evaluation after uploading the video.

YouTube’s intentions become clear

Last but not least, Google’s in-house video platform of course also benefits from the new system. After all, by introducing new features, they ensure that it becomes more profitable. After all, if users can directly identify the most viewed scenes, they save a lot of time.

And when studying many YouTube videos more closely, it becomes clear that many channel success now relies on one-minute monologues. YT has no choice but to adapt to the characteristics of modern consumers. “TikTok Generation” particularly wanted short, sharp videos that could be watched in between. Chinese video platforms are also getting their attention.

After all, it is very popular, especially among young audiences, and thus holds up in the future as well. Therefore, YT seems to want to get its creators to turn those 30 minutes into 30 seconds. This way, video producers can be sure that the entire video will be viewed and not most of it will be skipped.

Exactly how YouTube plans to refine its new feature around finding popular scenes remains unclear. What is already known is that, at least in the US, video shortening is also possible while watching. For example, it will be possible to play certain very interesting parts in a continuous loop.

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