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Youtube Music Premium Mod APK

Download Youtube Music Premium Mod APK latest version free for android and use music wherever you are and its features.

In this age of technology, everything is digital. Maybe when you wanted to listen to your favorite music, you definitely had to buy the album first so you could listen to it.

And now, in the era of sophisticated technology, there is now a digital music platform that you can listen to music online. Then you don’t need to buy albums from your favorite artists anymore.

Currently, the digital music platform is still dominated by Spotify. Therefore, Youtube Music is innovating to become the number 1 music player application in the world, and also has very complete features and songs that definitely make this application to be reckoned with.

However, if you want to enjoy all the features in the application. You also have to spend money to subscribe to this YouTube Music Premium. Well, unlike the Mod APK version, you can get it for free.

Review Youtube Music Premium Mod APK

Alright, before getting into the main topic of the discussion, we want to explain briefly about this Youtube Music. As the name implies, Youtube Music is one of Youtube.

With Youtube you can search and listen to your favorite music. And this application is already available in 77 countries and released for the home platform assistantAndroid, iOS and PC.

This Mod application also releases a basic version and a premium version.

In the premium version, of course, there are many special features that the basic version does not have. One of its flagship features is listening to music in the background.

You need to remember that YouTube is originally a video platform. That’s why the feature of listening to music in the background is quite special for people who prefer to listen to music on YouTube.

The number of songs on YouTube is certainly more and more varied than the sportify streaming music application. Moreover, you can listen to music while watching the video clip.

Fitur Youtube Music Premium Mod APK

youtube music premium mod apk

If you talk about the excellent features in this youtube music mod apk, you will definitely be interested. Don’t believe? If so, take a look at our explanation of the features in this application.

1. You Can Download Songs

The excellent feature in this apk mod application is that you can download songs so you can listen to the song repeatedly without worrying about your quota running out.

2. Find Songs With Lyrics

When you like a song but forget the title? This youtube music premium mod apk allows you to search for songs with only snippets of lyrics that you remember.

Well obviously, you no longer need to install the song lyrics application separately. If you have installed this Youtube Music.

3. Free And Anti Banned

The superior feature of this application is of course a free and safe application, you don’t need to root your phone and it is guaranteed to be safe from being banned.

If you like listening to your favorite songs, this app could be the right solution for you.

4. Millions of Songs Collection

As we explained earlier, the collection of songs and musicians on YouTube is much larger than mainstream music streaming applications.

5. No Ads

Youtube is not only a platform to be creative, but also to make money through adsense. So videos on youtube including music are spiked with ads.

Well, with this application you no longer need to be bothered by ads in the middle of a song.

6. High Quality Audio

What makes you like listening to music? sure to cheer yourself up and relax. But what happens if you listen to the audio quality is bad.

It’s not that you feel good, instead you feel frustrated because of the poor audio quality. Fortunately, this Youtube Music Premium Mod APK has high audio quality.

7. Can Be Played With Background

In fact, this is a very common feature found in other online music player applications. However, Youtube itself is a video-based platform so playing music in the background was previously impossible.

Download Youtube Music Premium Mod APK

youtube music premium mod apk

How? Are you interested in using Youtube Music Premium Mod APK? You don’t need to bother looking, we have provided a download link for you.

Application Youtube Music Premium Mod APK
Size 23,36 MB
Version 4.07.51
Category Music And Audio
Developer Google LLC
Price Free

Cara Install Youtube Music Premium Mod APK

If you want to install this application, you can follow the steps below.

  1. The first step, please install this application file by clicking the download button in the link above.
  2. Select ok to carry out the installation process up to a few minutes.
  3. After the installation is complete, do the unknown application settings by:
  4. Go to settings > Additional settings > Privacy > Unknown apps.
  5. After completing the installation with the apk file of the application and select install to carry out the installation process then wait a few minutes.
  6. The process is complete, open it and play the music.


That’s what we can share about the Youtube Music Premium Mod APK application, hopefully it can help you in boredom and loneliness with your favorite music. That is all and thank you.

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Is the Youtube Music Premium Mod APK application safe to use?

Yes, of course it is safe for you to use, because the security system has been guaranteed by the company.

Is the Youtube Music Premium Mod APK application downloaded for free?

Yes, of course, you can download it for free without any charge.

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