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Youtube Blue Mod APK No Ads Download Latest Version 2022

You want to watch YouTube for free without the distraction of ads? Here is the download link for the Blue Youtube Mod APK application to watch Youtube for free without ads.

The Youtube application is a video viewing platform that is very popular all over the world and is widely used by internet users to watch videos from your favorite creators’ content.

There are various types of videos that you can watch on this YouTube application platform. From a wide variety of genres, from entertainment to knowledge.

YouTube is liked by users because it has a positive and beneficial effect for its users. Not even a few who make Youtube as a source of income.

But what is trending and much in demand or sought after is this Youtube Blue Mod APK. What is this application like? Let’s see the following review to the end.

What Is Youtube Blue Mod APK?

As we mentioned earlier, this application made by Google has become one of the largest video sharing social media platforms today.

The Youtube application allows you to watch and get various types of interesting content provided by content creators, ranging from entertainment, games to news.

But sometimes when watching videos on Youtube, you might get lots of ads that appear on the screen. These ads sometimes annoy some people.

In fact, these ads are sometimes very annoying, especially when they appear in the middle of the video you are watching. Some people, of course, are very upset about this.

However, Youtube itself has provided special offers for those who don’t want to be bothered by ads. The offer is Youtube Premium.

By subscribing to Youtube Premium, users will no longer see ads popping up on the screen suddenly and disrupting the user experience.

However, not a few do not want to pay for Youtube Premium and choose to download the Youtube Blue Mod APK application which is being sought after, below below is an explanation.

About Youtube Blue Mod APK

youtube blue mod apk

YouTube Blue Mod APK is a video watching application that has been modified so that it can display something different from the default version.

In YouTube Blue this allows you to change the appearance of the theme with several very many options. So it won’t bore you because there are updates.

For this Blue YouTube, not available in Playstore. However, you can download it using the links that have been spread on various sites including our website.

All the features provided are provided free of charge, for advertising services you can set your own whether you want to be allowed to appear or not. Because it can be disabled.

Actually, the Youtube APK version is not much different from the premium version, but we think the modified version is a little more interesting. Although you have to install the application manually.

To be clearer, then you can also see information about the features in the latest version of the YouTube Blue Mod Apk below.

Features of Youtube Blue Mod APK

youtube blue mod apk

What are the advantages of the Blue Youtube Mod APK application that makes it different from the original Youtube application in general? This application is the result of modification, when you hear the word modification, you will know that the application has additional features.

Yes, that’s right, there is a Mod APK feature that is modified by a third party. That is, if you use YouTube Premium, then you will no longer find an ad while watching videos.

However, if you are using the original version of this application and want to use the premium version, then you must first pay money for a monthly subscription.

It will be different in this Mod application where you can get the premium version for free without paying or subscribing every month.

There are many other features that you can find in this Blue YouTube Mod APK application. So, you can check out the reviews below.

No Ads

The advantage of Youtube Blue Mod APK is that this application does not display any ads. It’s no secret that the native YouTube app displays tons of ads.

Even some of these ads can’t be skipped and you have to wait until they finish. Of course it really annoys you, doesn’t it?

So how about this blue Youtube? With this application, you don’t need to see ads that affect your comfort while watching videos. So you can watch videos from start to finish without being distracted by ads.

Can Change Theme

The following Blue Youtube link allows you to change or change the theme. So you don’t get bored with the same YouTube view.

Video Playback In Background

This YouTube Blue APK allows you to watch videos in the background. This allows you to watch other content at the same time without having to turn it off.

Premium feature

As has been mentioned many times, in this application you can get Youtube Premium features for free without having to subscribe to Youtube Premium.

Download Youtube Blue Mod APK

youtube blue mod apk

This Youtube application itself can be downloaded directly from the Play Store and App Store because it has been officially released on the Indonesian server for a long time.

To get the Blue Youtube Mod application itself, you also need to download it directly from the link below. This is because the Blue Mod Youtube application is a Mod version application.

Therefore, this application cannot be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store or App Store. But don’t worry, below is a download link that you can access right now.

For those of you who are very interested and can’t wait to use the latest modified Youtube Vanced application, below is the Youtube Vanced Mod APK download file.

App Name Blue Youtube Mod APK
APK File Size 50 MB
Developer Vanced Team
Support Android 4.4 or above
Version 14.21.54+
Link Download Youtube Original (Google Play Store) Here
Link Download Youtube Original (App Store) Here
Download Link Youtube Blue Mod APK No Ads Here

How to Install Blue Youtube Mod APK Application

The application that you get through the download link means that you also have to go through or carry out the installation or installation process manually, yes.

You can also install this Youtube Blue Mod APK so you can follow the steps that we have provided below:

  1. The first step, make sure you download via the download link above.
  2. Then, open the menu Settings or Settings on your smartphone.
  3. Click Security or Security.
  4. Then, click Privacy enable/allow install apps from Unknown Sources.
  5. Next, look for the APK that you have downloaded on File Manager.
  6. Click Install or Pair to carry out the installation process.
  7. Wait until the installation process is successful.
  8. Done.

So, those are the steps to install this application that you can follow to install this one application.


That’s the explanation from regarding Youtube Blue Mod APK Without Ads Download the Latest Version 2022. Hopefully the explanation that we have conveyed on this occasion is very helpful and also useful for all of you, yes.

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And don’t forget to keep following our website, because we will always provide you with quality, interesting and of course the latest articles for our loyal readers. That is all and thank you


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