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Young Malaysian reveals how to survive on RM10 a day

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Many people have complained that the cost of living is high.

They fear that the rising costs of everyday expenses threaten their long-term financial health.

High prices, especially in grocery stores and restaurants are a big pain point.

With meals easily costing around RM15, can a person spend RM10 for three meals a day?

The extent of the Ringgit

To prove this, a food content creator known as Aaron (@overeatmy) recently shared a short video on TikTok where he tries to get three meals a day for RM10.

According to the video, Aaron came to a roadside stall selling breakfast in the morning.

The ambulance vendor sold sandwiches for 3 euros, roti jala with curry dishes for 4 euros.

In the end, he went for the nasi lemak which cost RM1.

@overeatmy Can anyone survive on just RM10 a day? Malaysia’s economy is very bad right now, where a meal usually costs an average of RM15, but in this video, I will try to survive a day with only RM10. 🇲🇾👌🏻 #klfoodie #pjfoodie #malaysiafoodie #fyp #malaysiatravel #malaysiapopular #kualalumpur #MYfoodie #makanlokal #foodietiktok #viral #malaysia #tiktokmalaysia #tiktokfood🇲food 🇲🇾🙏🙏🙏🙏 #10ringgit #eatcheap #malaysiaboleh #malaysiatiktok ♬ 주옥 고오희 – 고옥희

When he got home, he unwrapped the nasi lemak to find a dollop of sambal chili paste and a thin piece of egg.

Although the portion was a bit small, the point was that it only cost RM1.

I have no complaints as you can get it for only RM1.

Content creator Aaron in nasi lemak small section.

However, there is hot coffee for breakfast, only clean water.

When it was time for lunch, Aaron went to a convenience store in his neighborhood to buy instant noodles.

The price was far from cheap, especially the imported brands like the famous Korean Spicy Noodles and Samyang Spicy Chicken Ramen.

These cup noodles cost more than RM5 each.

So to stay within the budget of RM10 per day, Aaron only spent RM2 per lunch for a Maggi Curry Cup lunch.

According to him, a cup of instant noodles for lunch is “enough” because his strategy is to “allocate a little more money for a good dinner”.

However, he advised people not to eat instant noodles if they can help it, as it can be unhealthy.

Dinner is also an important meal

When it’s time for dinner, Aaron chooses to pack some vitamin and protein snacks at a nearby mixed rice stall.

Although the dishes sold at mixed rice stalls are cheap, the prices are hard to predict, especially for stalls you have never visited before.

So he should be careful when ordering so as not to exceed his remaining budget of RM7.

After taking the white rice, he poured some curry sauce over the rice and then took the sweet and sour meat with some vegetables.

The three-course meal came to a total of RM6.60

It cost me a total of RM9.60 per day and I declare this challenge a success!

Content creator Aaron on his budget experiment.

Although it is absolutely possible to live on RM10 a day to cover your discretionary expenses, it is likely to be a challenge in the long run.

Without a strong sense of will and a plan, it can be even more difficult as you will be living on the edge.

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