YolaCash App Real Money Making Apk What Scam?

YolaCash App Real Money Making Apk What Scam? – The latest 2022 money-making application has been released under the name YolaCash Apk which is curious about whether it is proven to pay or not.

Before you know the information, you can first understand some of the information starting from how to register and how to use it.

Therefore, you can read this article to the end so you don’t fail to understand what the admin has explained.

Many people with the presence of the latest moneymaker can prove to be paying their users but not a few have succeeded in scamming.

This is indeed not something new because there have been many examples of several applications that the Admin has previously discussed.

So what about the YolaCash Apk application that makes money on this one? Check out the following information.

What is YolaCash Apk?

YolaCash Apk is a new money-making application that uses a work system to collect as many coins as possible by doing the missions that have been provided.

You can get this application officially through the Google Playstore which was released on June 28, 2022 and carried out the latest update on July 15, 2022.

At the time of the initial release, it was known that the YolaCash Apk had been successfully downloaded by more than 10 thousand users on the Playstore.

You can withdraw the results from doing some of the missions provided using the ewallet method such as DANA and so on.

Download YolaCash Apk App

To get the money-making yolacash apk application, you can just go to the playstore and do a search using the keyword “YolaCash”.

After the application has been found, you can immediately carry out the installation process to install it on the device used.

Or you can use the link that the admin has provided below to make it easier and simpler.

YolaCash Money Making Apk App Link

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Login YolaCash App Money Making Apk

When you have successfully installed the application, then you can register for an account in the following way:

  1. Please open the YolaCash Application
  2. Then click agree
  3. Done

After registering, you will immediately get a bonus point of 1111 or equivalent to Rp.1.111.

How to Earn Money from YolaCash Apk App

So that you can make money, of course you have to do the missions that have been provided, which include the following:

1. Doing Daily Check In

One of the missions that you can do is to check in every day by clicking the check icon next to the top right notification and then clicking register.

When doing this mission, you will get a prize of 10 coins to 50 coins and there is also a gift bag on the 7th day in the form of surprise coins.

2. Daily Lucky Draw

This mission provides a reward bag that you can click on so that later you can generate reward coins which of course can increase your income.

3. Lucky Gift

By doing this lucky gift mission you will be able to get prizes too, of course, but for now there is still no access to do it.

4. Downloading Apps

Actually, the main mission of the YolaCash Apk application is to download the provided application which will produce prizes ranging from 2,500 coins to 7,500 coins and can be withdrawn later.

5. Invite Friends

This one mission is already commonly available in every moneymaker, namely inviting friends to join using the yolacash application.

You can share the invitation links available through social media such as Facebook and so on.

If the friend you invited successfully downloads this application, you will earn 10% of your friend’s income.

How to Withdraw the YolaCash Apk App Balance

You can make a withdrawal using an ewallet account after successfully collecting a minimum of 7000 coins or the equivalent of Rp. 7000 and a maximum withdrawal of Rp. 35,000 with 35,000 coins.

As for how to make a withdrawal from this money-making YolaCash Apk, it is as follows:

  1. You open the YolaCash application first
  2. Then you click draw on the home menu
  3. Then choose a withdrawal method such as DANA OVO Gopay ShopeePay and PayPal
  4. Choose the withdrawal amount
  5. Click interesting
  6. Enter your e-wallet number and click confirm
  7. Done

Is the YolaCash Apk Application Safe and Proven to Pay?

When viewed from the several schemes and features available, it can be said that it is safe to use because it does not adhere to a money deposit scheme.

In addition, the YolaCash Apk application has also been proven to pay and many users have provided reviews and testimonials.

Although to make withdrawals it takes extra and consistent work to collect lots of coins.

You can immediately try this latest money-making application to be able to enjoy money like some other users.

The final word

Thank you for your attention and that’s enough for the information about the latest YolaCash Apk 2022 money-making application.

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