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Yandex Russia Video Apk VPN No Censorship Bokeh Museum Newest 2022

Yandex Russia Video Apk – Such features trim, video transition, stickerfilters and effects may already have a lot.

But features like animation keyframe, blur bokeh backgroundand advanced editing tool like Yandex Russia Video Apk not many have.

Moreover, applications with additional features such as slideshow and GIF maker with 1080p, 2K, and 4K resolutions.

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Yandex Russia Video Apk Mod VPN Indonesia Search

The following is the Yandex Russia Video Apk editing application that you can make choices and options.

1. VlogU

1 vlogu Yandex Russia Video Apk

VlogU is an editing application or editor for videos that you can use for Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

This VlogU application has a series of cool features such as: keyframe animation and music features that there are more than 100 pieces.

This application also has a very aesthetic and attractive video effect which is perfect for making cinematic videos.

Oh yes, there are many unique and interesting fonts and stickers that you can also find in this VlogU application.

Last but not least, VlogU also provides lots of cool transition effects that are very premium and pro.

App Name VlogU
Developer My Movie Inc.
Where to Download Play Store

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2. My Movie

2 my movie Yandex Russia Video Apk

My Movie is a video editor and Youtube Maker application with many features already available in it.

My Movie apk has features like trim, splice, split and cut video as you usually find in other editing applications.

This application also has features speed changer which you can use to change the speed of the video, be it slower or faster.

This application also provides a background blur feature that can make your video background blurry.

Of course, there are many other cool features too that you can use in My Movie such as Animation Keyframe, PIP, etc.

Apk Name My Movie
Size 55 MB
Download place Play Store

3. Vlogit

3 vlogit Yandex Russia Video Apk

Vlogit is a vlog or video editor application that you can enjoy all of its advanced features for free.

What’s interesting, Vlogit has features design thumbnails which is perfect for videos that are ready to be uploaded to Youtube.

This application also has features combine photo and video which you can use to combine photos and videos.

Of course, the Vlogit application also provides a wide selection of background music for your videos, you edit here.

Finally, this application still has other premium features such as speed controls, transitions, filtersand many more.

App Name vlogit
Size 36 MB
Developer Play Store

4. Video Editor

4 video editor Yandex Russia Video Apk

Video Editor by WeVideo Inc. It has many powerful features that you can use to edit photos and videos.

In this application there is an arrange and trim video feature that functions as a regulator so that the video you edit is more tidy.

You can also change the visual appearance of your photos or videos in this Video Editor application to make it more cinematic with the filters.

And of course this application also has features video transition diverse and very premium impression.

Lastyou can also use this application to animate your content, yes with features animationsher.

Apk Name Video Editor
Developer WeVideo Inc.
Size 40 MB

5. Snapseed

5 snapseeds

This application called Snapseed is an application made by Google that you can use to produce pro photos.

This application has a large selection of filters that you can definitely use to make your photos more aesthetic.

This application also has features healing which you can use to delete objects you don’t want.

Snapseed also has a brush feature that you can use to give color gradations to animated images.

Lastthis Snapseed application also has features curve which serves to control the level of precision brightness in the image.

App Name Snapseed
Size Varies
Developer Google LLC

6. PhotoShop Express

6 photoshop

PhotoShop Express is a professional photo editing application developed by Adobe company.

This application has an apply blur feature that works to turn photos into focus with a blurred background.

PhotoShop Express also has a large selection of categories presets which is very aesthetic and certainly cinematic.

This application also embeds features spot healing which you can use is unique to remove blemish in selfies.

Last, this application can also export photos up to HD resolution which is far from blurry.

App Name PhotoShop Express
Developer Adobe
Where to Download Play Store

7. Photoshop Fix

7 photoshop fix

Still from the same company, namely Adobe. But this time the photo editing application is called Photoshop Fix.

As the name implies, this application serves to improve your photos. For example with features retouch.

With this feature, you can make your face according to what you want, such as becoming thinner, smoother, etc.

This application also has a Defocus feature which is useful for giving a blur effect to photos to attract the attention of key subjects.

App Name PhotoShop Fix
Developer Adobe
Size 44 MB

8. PicLab

8 piclab

Piclab has lots of cool features that you can use to make an image even more beautiful stunning.

This app has a typography feature which consists of a wide selection of cool fonts and multiple text layers.

This application also has several filter options which you can apply to your photos, one of them.

PicLab also has photo effects features such as brightness, saturation, contrast, and much more.

Lastthis app also has other cool features like overlaymasks, stickers, and much more.

App Name PicLab
Developer Maple Media
Size 82 MB

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9. Photo Editor Pro

9 photo editor pro

Photo Editor Pro is a very advanced photo editing software application with a variety of advanced editing tools.

This application has a variety of interesting filters and effects that will make your photos look cinematic.

Photo Editor Pro also has an adjust feature consisting of brightness, contrast, warmth, and much more.

This application also has a sharpen adjustment that can make your photos even sharper like pro HD photos.

Apk Name Photo Editor Pro
Developer Gamma Play
Where to Download Play Store


10 moldiv

MOLDIV is an all-in-one editor that provides all the editing tools for photography.

The app has more than 190 filters in 13 categories, all of which are very aesthetic and very cinematic.

This MOLDIV application also has design tool such as highly sophisticated text, stickers and background patterns.

MOLDIV also provides more than 200 photo Collages that are very unique and certainly different from other applications.

Lastyou can find beauty features in this application called MOLDIV that will make your look even cooler.

Size 223 MB
Where to Download Play Store

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