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Yandex Student – ​​Confused about looking for a complete and free bokeh video editing application? You can see my explanation, yes. Currently, there are more and more applications that can make your videos more attractive and look perfect.

There are so many university students who actually accidentally spread the videos they made, curious about the viral video, watch it.

But sometimes there are several bokeh video editing applications that are not complete with features and various features tools other. Therefore, here the admin has prepared a series of bokeh video applications that are trusted and used by many people.

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Bokeh Video Editing Application For PC And Android 2022

When you use a video editing application, of course the thing to pay attention to is the features in it.

So before deciding to use it, you already know more clearly about the application.

Therefore, here we have provided recommendations for video editing applications for you complete with reviews and specifications.

Come on now, check it out!

VN Video Editor

Live Streaming Bokeh

First is the VN Video Editor application which is very suitable for beginner editors with very complete features.

VN is almost the same as the CapCut application, but there are several things that distinguish this application, namely the animation frame.

In the VN application you can edit various projects and stop between edits if you need a break without fear of the draft being deleted.

You can duplicate video files into one project if you want, you can also make videos even more perfect with the addition of audio music.

Unfortunately, the VN application requires a large amount of storage space if you want to use it. Here are the specifications.

Name VN Video Editor
Developer Ubiquiti Labs, LLC
Current version v1.35.0
Size 123 mb
OS Android 5.0+


Next is the ActionDirector application which not only functions as a video editor, but can also record a moment directly.

Even more interesting, in the ActionDirector application you will get a tutorial on how to edit.

Not only that, the features offered in this application are also very complete, such as video effects, color adjustments, clarity, contrast and saturation settings.

Action Director also provides templates for those of you who want to add a title to the video that is being edited.

Download videos in 4K quality and share them directly to various social media that you have.

Name ActionDirector
Developer Cyberlink Corp
Last Update 13 April 2022
Current version v6.15.3
Size 58.26 MB
OS Android 6.0+

Movavi Clips

Next up is the Movavi Clips application with more than 10 million downloads recorded on the Playstore.

The appearance of the Movavi Clips application is famous for being simple and very easy to understand with various superior features in it.

There are several capabilities possessed in the Movavi Clips application, namely:

  1. There is a timeline that helps you make video editing easier.
  2. Split and merge videos with the share feature.
  3. Trim videos and remove unimportant parts with just one swipe.
  4. Adjust the exposure and saturation to make the video even more spectacular.
  5. Add transition effects, text with various fonts, resize videos etc.
  6. Can be used to create your own logo so that it is more limited.
  7. No ads.

In addition to capabilities, we also provide application specifications which are in the table below.

Name Movavi Clips
Size 54.16 mb
Version v4.21.1
Developer Movavi
OS Android 5.0+

VidTrim – Video Editor

Continue to the VidTrim application which is able to convert your video into Mp3 or audio format, and can compress the video size to a smaller size.

You can freely resize videos in this application and rotate them by using the features rotation.

However, this application produces a video that is equipped with a watermark, so if you don’t want a watermark you have to pay.

There are also various interesting effects in this application such as black and white, vintage, sharpen, Luma and many more.

Even VidTrim supports various languages, you know, so any country can use it easily.

Name VidTrim – Video Editor
Developer Goseet
Version v2.6.1
Size 36.03 mb
OS Android 5.0+

Cute CUT

Next is the Cute CUT application which is also no less interesting than the previous applications, gang.

This application supports various resolutions and ratios, such as 16:9, 4:3 and many others.

Even more sophisticated, Cute CUT provides more than 30 types of drawing tools for those of you who want to draw directly on the project they are running.

But the duration in this application if you want to make films is limited, gang, and if you don’t want to be limited, then you have to subscribe.

Cute CUT offers app purchases starting at 80 thousand for each premium item you want to buy.

Name Cute CUT
Developer MobiVio Solution
Last update 18 November 2018
Version 1.8.8
Size 23,03 MB
OS Android 4.1+


Maybe not many are familiar with the Venlow application which provides so many optional features that can be used for free.

This application is a good solution for those of you who want to send videos to the WhatsApp application that sometimes break or lose quality.

You can use this Venlow application to trim full screen videos to fit the way you want.

Venlow application users can also add the resolution of a video that you have edited so that it is more HD.

You can see the application specifications in the table that we provide below.

Name Venlow
Developer ZipoApps
Version V 0.9.1
Size 17.31. MB
OS Android 7.0+


The next application is Blaze, which provides hundreds of ready-to-use video templates and is always updated.

More interestingly, you can use this application for free without any watermarks and ads.

So you can edit videos more freely by adding a variety of contemporary filters which are certainly stylish and cool.

This relatively new application has only been used by 100 thousand users, but the quality is not kidding.

Name Blaze
Developer Music Video Inc.
Released On March 3, 2021
Version v0.2.5
Size 31.90 mb
OS Android 5.0+


The next application is VMake which is equipped with a feature to remove your voice and videos.

In addition, VMake also has the ability to trim videos and make a collage of a video with existing tools.

You can add an overlay to the video so you can Yandex Student as you wish, or you can also insert text in a video.

It’s very easy to use, select video, edit video by cutting, save and convert to mp3 if desired.

You can see the application specifications below.

Name VMake
Developer Your Group Global
Version 6.1.3
Size 48.88 MB
OS Android 5.0+

Vochi Video

Continue to the next application is Vochi Video which requires you to subscribe if you want to get all the premium features.

In this application, you can subscribe with prices starting from Yandex Students from 56 thousand per item and with an application size that can be considered light.

Like video editing applications in general, where you can cut, delete parts of the video or even add overlays.

The most interesting thing, you can join the community of this application by becoming a video creator to add creativity.

The following are the application specifications.

Name Vochi Video
Developer Pinterest
Size 71.12 mb
Version 3.9.2
OS Android 7.0+

Vlog Star

The last recommendation is Vlog Star which is able to provide complete features to its users, from music, filters, effects, transitions and others.

In addition, you can also control the speed of the video as desired and can change the background.

Merge multiple videos into 1 easily through this app or you can also resize the app and rotate it.

However, ads and watermarks are also in this application if you are Yandex Student, you don’t upgrade the application to the pro version.

For in-app purchases, you can subscribe starting from 29 thousand per item up to 169 thousand.

Name Vlog Star
Released Date 25 June 2018
Developer ryzenrise
Current Version 5.7.1
Size 32.91 mb
OS Android 5.0+

Those are some types of bokeh video editing applications that can be your alternative Yandex Student when you want to improve videos.

Please select some of the applications listed above and don’t forget to keep updating the latest information from us.

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