WWDC 2022 shows why Apple is great for consumers and investors

While WWDC 2022 doesn’t have “an exciting announcement,” said Gene Munster of Loup, “the keynote speaker still conveys the substance of what makes Apple great for consumers and investors.” Namely, “the company’s continued ability to innovate around vertically integrated hardware and software.”

The M2 kicks off the next generation of Apple Silicon and brings even more performance to the all-new MacBook Air.

Munster Genes for Loup:

Beyond substance, we’re also getting breadcrumbs from things to come, especially from the upcoming CarPlay fix and its impact on traditional cars. On the downside, I was left wanting to hear more about AR, which was absent from the day after 5 consecutive years of WWDC announcements. This isn’t surprising as I think Apple is holding back on AR/MR announcements until the new wearable hardware is ready to roll out, which I’m hoping for next spring. Putting it together, Apple is moving towards making great hardware, software, and services and continues to open doors for growing big new businesses in AR, automotive, and healthcare.

The most notable announcement is the upcoming overhaul of CarPlay which extends Apple’s control beyond maps and media into a root vehicle feature that powers the entire instrument cluster. The screen passes from the center console to the entire front panel of the car. Some of the partnerships mentioned: LandRover, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Nissan, Ford, Lincoln, Audi, Jaguar, Acura, Volvo, Honda, Infiniti and Polestar. The UI, from our point of view, is just as visually appealing as the Tesla.

While it won’t be implemented until late 2023, wider OEM adoption will be seen in 2025. Beyond the timeline, the software will significantly enhance Apple’s in-car presence and reaffirm the company’s ambition to do more in cars.

Today’s announcement underscores a simple fact: legacy cars need Apple. Currently, CarPlay is available on 98% of new cars in the US, which means automakers recognize the importance of the option to sell cars with CarPlay. The new CarPay will only increase automatic dependence on Apple.

MacDailyNews Download: Munster goes into more about what Apple announced at WWDC in the full recommended article here.

Let’s face it, along with everything else announced in iOS 16, CarPlay from the (somewhat far away) future is great (and we can’t believe Apple talked (at least some) vehicle makers into including it). – MacDailyNews, June 6, 2022

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