Woman Determined to ‘Up’ JPN Removes ‘Muhammad’ from Child’s Name, Regrets Allowing Family to Intervene after Childbirth – Media Comedy

EVERY Couples definitely have their own choice of names to give to the light of their eyes.

But there is another story involving the couple when the choice of the name Luth Hayden for their first baby boy born on September 23 last year was opposed by family members.

According to Sherry, 24, she and her husband Muhammad Aiman ​​Hakim, 27, finally chose the name Muhammad Luthfi Hayden because they refused to fight with people around them while they were still in confinement.

“When I was pregnant, my husband and I discussed the name of the child. We wanted to put the name Lut Hayden, in conjunction with the name of the Prophet Lut. We husband and wife do not like long names. After giving birth many people intervened.

“Many do not agree with the name Lut considering the people of Prophet Lut are associated with heretical practices. I had a fight with someone in the family about it, I abstain.

“So we named him Muhammad Lutfi Hayden. My husband’s name is long. Every time I want to write in a book monthly check, the child’s full name does not match, must be written all the way down. For a long time, my husband and I discussed changing our names at the National Registration Department (JPN).

“Finally, after being stuck for a long time due to time constraints, last May we managed to change the child’s name to Luthfi Hayden,” said the woman from Melaka to mStar.

According to Sherry, she and her husband did some preliminary tracing of the name change process, and they were both quite happy that it was completed in such a short time.

Sherry also shared her story through a video on TikTok until she was bombarded with questions from netizens who were confused and didn’t understand the process.

My husband and I cut off the word ‘Muhammad’ because we didn’t want our son’s name to be long… that was our choice.


“My husband and I went to JPN Melaka. They gave us a list of what documents we needed to prepare. The next day we brought documents such as birth certificates for children, marriage certificates and photocopies of our ID cards. The process was completed in one hour.

“So I shared that experience on TikTok, it turns out that many people have experienced this. They sent messages and asked various questions. Many apparently don’t know that children’s names can be changed before the age of one year. If it’s more than one year, I don’t know the process, ‘ said Sherry again.

Unlike the TikTok application, Sherry’s video which went viral on Instagram and Facebook but received different reactions from netizens who questioned her actions and her husband removed the word ‘Muhammad’ at the base of his son’s name.

This cute baby was born on September 23 last year.

“Besides TikTok, I also share videos on Instagram, then those videos also go to Facebook. Many people question why we removed the name Muhammad? They disputed our decision. They said, I certainly didn’t know that the name Muhammad was good, it would be called sooner in the afterlife.

“For me, it’s up to the individual. Because I gave birth to my child. Anyone can give advice, but it’s up to me and my husband. We cut off the name Muhammad because we didn’t want a long child’s name. For me, it’s a personal choice,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sherry also left a message to the couple who had just given birth to the baby to be firm and not to follow people’s words like they used to.


Muhammad Luthfi Hayden is now known as Luthfi Hayden after going through the process of changing his name at JPN recently.

“Others are welcome to share their opinions, but don’t expect them to be the final decision. Talking to your husband is enough.

“It’s just that my situation is different, at that time I was abstinent, I didn’t want to fight with anyone. That’s why I take people’s suggestions. At that time, only God knows my emotions.

“I was the one who had to be sewn during childbirth but someone else decided on my child’s name. I told my husband, who was pregnant, but there were many mothers at home.

“But Alhamdulillah now there are no problems after I changed my son’s name. I’m stubborn about what’s best for my son,” she said.

For the record, the video garnered over 100,000 views on TikTok.

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