Why is the SIM Card Unreadable? Here’s the Cause & Solution

Unreadable sim card or no service is very common after root because usually imei will be lost. This problem can occur on any cellphone starting from xiaomi, coolpad, sony xperia, even samsung.

Some of us may have experienced an unreadable sim card. This problem certainly makes us feel annoyed, especially if we are in an emergency.

Because of this problem, we cannot send SMS, make calls, let alone access the internet.

Therefore, on this occasion, Intellect will provide a solution to overcome an unreadable SIM.

But before that, it’s a good idea to know in advance what causes the SIM card to be unreadable.

Causes of SIM Card Not Detected

Every problem has a cause. No exception to the problem of unreadable sim cards. There are several causes that can cause this problem.

Here are some causes of SIM not detected problems:

1. The SIM Age is Very Long

Every item of course has a lifetime, including the SIM Card. The SIM card will usually experience degradation in the plastic material and also the brass after reaching the age of more than 5 years of use.

2. SIM Card Too Hot

SIM card slots are generally located in areas close to heat-prone components. This of course makes our SIM become hot and damage the brass on the SIM.

3. Broken SIM Card Brass

Brass is the most important component in a SIM card. The brass contains user data.

Brass damage can be caused by many things, such as moving it often so that it experiences a lot of friction.

4. Broken Network System

Damage to the network system usually occurs when we often make modifications to our cellphones. Such as Root, Custom Room, and so on.

A damaged network system of course makes the cellphone unable to pick up the signal. As a result, even though the SIM card is read, there is no service or signal.

5. Wrong SIM Configuration

Another cause of SIM Card Error is the wrong SIM configuration. Usually this happens when we force the SIM to use a 4G network signal.

Even though our current location does not support 4G networks. Other configuration errors can also be found in the APN settings.

Each provider certainly has its own APN configuration. So do not let us do the wrong configuration.

6. Lost IMEI

IMEI is a unique code or number that distinguishes each cellphone and SIM slot. If the IMEI is damaged or even lost. Then it can be ascertained that the SIM Card cannot be read.

7. Network Disturbance

In addition to the internal problems found on the cellphone and also the SIM card. Card no service can also be caused by network interference from the provider we use.

Disturbances usually occur due to natural events such as heavy rain accompanied by lightning. Or it could be that maintenance is being carried out on the signal transmitting tower.

Those are some of the common causes that can cause an unreadable SIM. Of course, there are many other causes besides some of the causes that we have mentioned above.

After we know some of the causes that can make the SIM card error. Then how to solve it.

Here are some ways to deal with an unreadable or no service SIM card.

How to Overcome an Unreadable SIM Card

1. Clean the Brass SIM Card

sim card not read after root

The first step we can take is to clean the Sim Card brass.

We can easily clean SIM brass using eraser.

Enough way remove the card SIM, after that rub gently by using eraser pencil. Besides that we can also clean using eucalyptus oil and also tissue.

2. Using Airplane Mode

sim card can't be read on xiaomi mi4c

This one method is very easy to do on our smartphones. The way is enough with turn on Airplane Modethen let it sit for a while, after that turn off airplane mode.

By doing this, the system will automatically perform network settings and look for signals.

3. Restart Smartphone

xiaomi sim card not read

If using Airplane Mode has not produced results. The next step can be to reboot the HP.

By restarting of course the system will restart. With this, if there is a network system error, the problem will be resolved.

4. Set Network To Auto-Select

sim card read but no service

Signal not showing up can also be caused by incorrect network settings. This usually happens when we choose a 3G Only or 4G Only network.

Therefore, of course, Android will only pick up certain signals. So it’s only natural that the signal will not appear if there is no such signal in our location.

Try to set the network to select automatically. Here’s how:

  1. Open Arrangement.
  2. After that on Network and Network Settings Choose Mobile Network or Mobile Network.
  3. Then select activate Select Automatically.

5. Check Access Point Name (APN) Settings

sim card not read imei lost

APN is a bridge that connects us with operators and networks. Of course, if there is an APN configuration error, it will cause the SIM to be unreadable.

Each operator has its own APN configuration. We can check it through Settings.

How to set APN:

  1. Open the menu Arrangement. After that select SIM Card Settings.
  2. Then select the option Access Point Name.
  3. Adjust to configuration APN provider that we use.

6. Clear Cache

service sim card not read

Junk files that accumulate can of course affect the system. For that, there is nothing wrong if we clean junk files on our android.

We can clean it through the application settings. Or if you want more practical. We can clean it by using the Cleaner application.

7. Check SIM Slot Connector

coolpad sim card not reading

SIM Card no service could be caused by a dirty or damaged SIM connector.

We can check in detail whether the connector is dirty or even damaged such as bent.

To clean it we can use the tip of a cotton bud that we have dripped with eucalyptus oil.

8. Check Android IMEI

how to solve unreadable sim card on sony xperia

If we like to hack android. It is not impossible that there are errors that we may not be aware of. One of them is the loss of our Android phone’s IMEI number.

We can check the IMEI number by opening the menu calling after that type secret code *#06#.

After that, the IMEI number of our cellphone will appear. If the number does not appear then an error has occurred on our Android IMEI number.

9. Try Another SIM Card

fix sim card not detected

To find the location of the error we can insert another card on the HP. And also insert the SIM on another cellphone.

If the other card that we insert into the cellphone is not readable, then the possibility of an error is on the cellphone.

And vice versa. If the SIM card that we insert in another cellphone is not read, then there is damage to the SIM Card.

10. Visiting a Customer Care Provider

how to solve sim card no service

If there is damage to the SIM Card. And we still want to use that number. We can go to the Customer Care Provider that we use such as Grapari.

There we can ask for a new card to replace the card but still use the number we use.

11. Factory Reset

how to solve unread sim card on samsung

If you use all the methods above but it doesn’t work either. We can restore the settings to factory settings.

We can do this method when we believe there is an error in the network system on our Android. But we have to back up all important data.

12. Take it to the Service Center

how to solve unread sim card on xiaomi cellphone

If all the ways above we have done but do not work. We can take us to the service center.

Unreadable card issue could be caused by a faulty system. If doing a Factory Reset does not produce results. We can take our cellphones to the Service Center so that the cellphones are re-flashed.

In addition, there can also be damage to the signal IC components. The cost of repairing an unreadable SIM card usually ranges from IDR 50,000 to IDR 150,000 depending on the brand and service center.

Those are some of the causes and also solutions to overcome the SIM Card is not read or not service. Hopefully Helpful and your SIM Card can be read normally again.

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