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Gadgetren – Mobile phones often suddenly turn off by themselves, of course, it can be a problem that is quite annoying for some of us, especially when it is being used in an important situation.

The problem is that when the problem arises, the various activities that are being carried out will be slightly delayed then we have to at least wait for the cellphone to turn on again so we can solve it or it could also fail to do so.

Mobile phones that often suddenly turn off by themselves are unfortunately not a simple problem. Behind this, there must be a number of obstacles that become the background whether it comes from hardware or software components.

When the cellphone often turns off suddenly, we should also immediately find out the cause of why this happened. The problem is that it can become more serious if left unchecked.

There are a number of reasons why cellphones often turn off by themselves. Some of them include some of the technical problems that often occur on a device as described in the following.

Reasons Why Cell Phones Often Turn Off All Of A sudden

Auto Power Off Feature Turns On

  1. Visit page Settings
  2. Find and open the settings menu Battery
    Why Hp Often Turns Off Suddenly - 1
  3. Go to section Schedule power on/off
    Why Cellphones Often Suddenly Turn Off Alone - 2
  4. Check the options Power off time in a state of death
    Why Cell Phones Often Suddenly Turn Off Alone - 3

To my knowledge, many mobile phones are now equipped with a special feature to turn on or turn off the power on a scheduled basis through the offered system interface. Devices that often turn off suddenly can happen because of this.

When activating the automatic power off schedule in it, the cellphone will turn off according to the set time. Therefore we need to check whether we have enabled this feature or not by following the steps as described above.

Just keep in mind that each device has its own settings interface in this regard. We may also have to adjust the steps above to check the power off feature on certain cellphones.

Working Too Hard

Using too much weight like playing games continuously is not good for a cellphone. But fortunately, modern operating systems are usually equipped with good enough protection to protect components from excessive activity.

Technically strenuous activities will trigger excessive heat. So that the components it has do not immediately burn or become too hot, the cellphone will automatically turn off the power to reduce the load and lower the temperature.

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So it is very natural if the cellphone suddenly turns itself off when we are running heavy applications or games. To avoid that, try not to operate it on the same device first.

The problem of cellphones suddenly turning off during heavy activities will generally occur on older devices because there is a decrease in the ability of the components in them as they are used.

Component Ability Decrease

The longer, the cellphone will indeed experience a decrease in performance. The components in the device will slowly lose their ability so that they cannot return to work optimally.

The heat that arises when we use the cellphone to the impact due to a fall or slam can be the cause. Usually it can be triggered more quickly if there is an error in use or usage that exceeds the standard.

Why Cell Phones Often Suddenly Turn Off Alone - 5[Ilustrasi Oleh Pixabay]

The device heats up more easily so the battery drains faster which are some of the effects that can be felt. In the end, a decrease in performance capabilities can make the cellphone often suddenly turn itself off because it can no longer last.

The decrease in the ability of this cellphone will certainly lead to damage to a number of components. Replacing it can certainly be the most appropriate solution if you want to return to using your device normally.

A Problem Happened in Software

Errors that occur on the software side can also cause the cellphone to suddenly turn itself off. Starting from system stability, bugs, malware attacks, improper rooting activities can be some of the triggers.


In order to run normally, cellphones must not only be supported by hardware but also good software. The device may experience various kinds of problems if the system operates improperly.

Doing updates to the latest system, checking and removing viruses, using the factory reset feature, to reinstalling can be some of the ways you can try to ensure that the cellphone is running the software normally.

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