Who’s Lauren Golman From The Current Affair? Meet the Reporter Behind 9 News

Lauren Golman, reporter for “A Current Affairs”, is currently making headlines after sharing photos from her lavish wedding ceremony with her husband, Jason. Fans have developed a keen curiosity in his non-public life.

Lauren Golman, “A Current Affairs” reporter, joins the stream to talk about current events in Australia. He’s not too far off to be seen discussing the latest smart TV which is anticipated to hit the outlets this month.

Her Royal Wedding photos with her husband, Jason, have pushed Golman into the spotlight. On Tuesday, March 22, the journalist married his fiancé. Curzon Hall Sydney hosted the wedding.

Lauren carried a beautiful beaded couture gown by bridal couture specialist Leah Da Gloria, while her husband wore a black wedding ceremonial swimsuit. The couple literally became a seven-tier cake at the sumptuous Tuscan-inspired wedding, which had a large clientele. Thousands of roses of various colors filled the hall, and gold cutlery and crystal champagne glasses adorned the mirrored dining table.

Who is Lauren Golman From “A Current Affair”?

Lauren Golman is a widely recognized Australian television journalist best known for her work as a current affairs reporter for Channel 9, Australia’s largest free-to-air television industry environment. Lauren has been a journalist for a very long time and was honored with the Kennedy Award for Young Journalist of the Year in 2020.

Lauren was awarded the Young Journalist of the Year Kennedy Awards (give:
daily mail)

Samantha Markle and her solid friends from “Married At First Sight”, have been among previous interviews. Moreover, Golman also has a personal Instagram account, @tereporterswardrobe. He has around 1,200 followers on the platform and only made 42 posts.

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Reporter Lauren Golman Age

Lauren Golman’s age is estimated to be between 30 and 35 years early based on her appearance. However, the exact age and date of supply has not been confirmed.

Similarly, based on their different appearances and basic ages, they couldn’t possibly have a huge age difference. Lauren’s age seems to be different from the stated age.

Biography of Lauren Golman: Her Family Background

Reporter Lauren Gloman was born to his mother, Vicky Golman, and father, Serge Golman. Apart from his siblings, he has a sister named Stephanie. According to data.com.au, Lauren’s father, Serge Golman, is General Manager of the establishment agency, Austral Interiors. The Star Casino and Channel 9’s North Sydney offices were two of the company’s early initiatives.


Stephanie, her sister, is director of sales for Pharma Soul PPE products. He was previously the Head of the Current Affairs Bureau. Not much information about the background of the tutorial. He actually completed his training in his hometown, but the details of his training have not been revealed.

What’s more, Lauren is now a married woman, and her husband’s title is Jason. Not much is known about him, although he and his affiliate got engaged in 2020.

Previously, he said that he had met his target when he was 19, but they broke up after more than 12 months together. He went on to say that their breakup was not caused by any significant event.

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However, the reporter decided that it was time for them to half the strategy. She advised honeynine.com that the idea of ​​getting married and having children scared her that she ended the relationship when she was 19 years earlier. Lauren had last found and married the person she was targeting.

Last modified: June 14, 2022

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