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Who won the risk! tonight? October 26, 2022, Wednesday

A new episode of Danger! aired on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, featuring the show’s alums participating once again to try their luck.

The Second Chance Tournament hosts three players from previous seasons from Monday to Wednesday. These players did not win in their first appearance on the show, and thus, are now given a second chance to earn a spot in the Tournament of Champions.

The ongoing event is a two-week program, with Thursday and Friday being the finals that decide each week’s winners. Last week, the player who advanced to the Tournament of Champions was Jessica Stephens.

Meanwhile, today’s puntata announced the third player who will participate in this week’s finals. The contestants for the October 26 episode were:

  • Season 37 contestant Rowan Ward, a caller, writer and editor from Chicago, Illinois
  • Player of the Season 38 Do Park, a sportswriter from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Season 37 contestant Nikkee Porcaro, an educational consultant and business owner from Silver Spring, Maryland

today Danger! the winner is Rowan Ward

Today’s match was quite predictable as Rowan Ward took the lead from the start.

The categories for the first round were “Quick Lit, The Number In Music, Peaks & Valleys, Snap Chat, Birds Within Words, Hidden Brain Podcast”.

Rowan gave 17 correct answers and scored the highest score in the round, $9,400. Do and Nikkee, on the other hand, struggled to answer many questions correctly. You will give seven correct answers and two incorrect ones, winning $2000. Nikkee only gave one correct answer and one incorrect answer, which was the first Daily Double episode. Thus, her total score was zero in the first round.

In the second round, categories included “Law Slaw, Historic Seconds, Animal Captions, DC Area Attractions, Sculpture, A Standing Middle O.”

Rowan was competing in the double jeopardy round. They found a Daily Double and won $10,600. Their total number of correct answers was 30 and the total score was $26,800. Nikkee broke her score and won $7,200 in the second round, while Do secured $6,800.

Final Jeopardy was owned by Rowan as they were the only player to answer the final question correctly. While Rowan’s total went to $36,800, Do and Nikkee were under $10,000.

Therefore, Rowan Ward won Danger! today.

Rowan Ward: Tonight's winner (Image via @rogueclown/Twitter)
Rowan Ward: Tonight’s winner (Image via @rogueclown/Twitter)

The last danger! the results today

On the October 26 episode, the final round category was “Charity” and the final question, in the form of a key, read:

“A Catholic charity called Caritas Rome is the beneficiary of the money raised here, over the years averaging about $3,500 a day.”

The correct answer was “Trevi Fountain”.

Only Rowan gave the correct answer, while Do wrote “St. Peter’s Basilica”, and Nikkee thought “Red Cross”. Check out the final results of Wednesday’s episode:

Rowan Ward: $26,800 + $10,000 = $36,800 (What is the Trevi Fountain?) (Finalist)

Do Park: $6,800 – $401 = $6,399 (What is St. Peter’s Basilica?)

Nikkee Porcaro: $7,200 – $5,401 = $1,799 (What is the Red Cross?)

With today’s win, Rowan advanced to the finals, where they will compete against Monday and Tuesday’s respective winners – Sadie Goldberger and Jack Weller. The player who will win the finals will qualify for the Tournament of Champions.

Rowan first appeared on the game show in season 37 on August 13, 2021, where they had to go home empty-handed after betting all their winnings on the last round and losing. But this time, they got a second chance to win big.

They will return in this week’s finals, which will begin on Thursday, October 27, 2022.

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