Who was he? The football player from Emporia State Died in a horrific cliff diving accident

Brexten Green: Who was he? The football player from Emporia State Died in a horrific cliff diving accident

Green, a 20-year-old college football player, is said to have jumped into Grand Lake near Dripping Springs but never to have come back to the surface.

On July 2, a college football player named Brexten Green perished in an unfortunate cliff diving mishap in Oklahoma. According to The Sun, the 20-year-old wide receiver never surfaced after diving into Grand Lake near Dripping Springs.

Around 6:30 pm, Delaware County emergency rescue received a call, and they went to the scene and pulled Green’s body out of the 31-foot-deep water. The football player’s second season with the Emporia State Hornets was about to start. In a statement confirming Green’s tragic passing, Emporia State football coach Garin Higgins remarked, “It’s a sad day for Emporia State football and just a devastating loss for the Green family.”

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“Brexten was a fantastic teammate who had a great deal of passion for this football club. He demonstrated it by his spirit of competition, work ethic, and willingness to support his family. He will always be a member of our football family here at Hornet, “The statement came to an end.

Brexten Green: Who was he?

The 2020 Oklahoma Class A State Champion Wildcats selected Cashion native Green as an All-State pick by the Oklahoma Coaches Association. According to his ESU biography, he also won District A-3 Player of the Year as a high school senior with 1,720 receiving yards, 409 rushing yards, and 27 total touchdowns.

“Brexten had an enormous personality. Whether you knew him for five minutes or your entire life, he brought happiness, humor, and friendship to everyone he came into contact with. Regardless of age, Brexten made a significant impact during his existence “Go through his obituary.

“He was a friend, a hero, and a role model if you were younger than him. If you were older than him, you made a daily effort to become a little more like him. Brexten was the senior who drove students who couldn’t get to youth group or home from practice, as well as pals on all hunting trips. Anyone who needed him could always count on him. Brexten, who was frequently the center of attention, was always there whether there was a flat tire, a friend in need, or they were just hanging out “It went on.

The obituary said, “Simply put, he drew people to him and made them want to be around him. Any room he entered would be made happier by his grin and presence. Through all of us, his legacy will endure. It is awful to lose a son, brother, grandson, nephew, friend, or teammate. Brexten sent a portion of us all to heaven with him. With this loss, we are all left with a void to fill.”

“On his final day on earth, he enjoyed friends, one of the many things he loved. He made the decision to go jump over the cliffs while at Grand Lake because, in typical Brexten fashion, he was living life to the fullest. He tragically never surfaced after entering the sea, and despite their best attempts, rescuers were unable to find him “It was over. At his funeral service, which will take place on Friday, July 8, his friends and family want to send him go in true Cashion Wildcat style.

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