Who is lawyer Andrew Crawford? Meet Johnny Depp’s legal team

As the Depp v Heard defamation case progresses, both legal teams have started to gain public recognition.

Johnny Depp is suing his former partner Amber Heard over an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. Heard is counter-suing Depp and yesterday was day 20 of the case.

A member of Johnny Depp’s legal team who has featured in court recently is Andrew Crawford. But who is Andrew Crawford, where did he train and what type of law does he practice?

Who is Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Andrew Crawford?

According to The SportsGrail, Andrew Crawford is 32 years old, although we are unable to confirm this. Crawford is an associate attorney who works for legal firm Brown Rudnick, which is representing Johnny Depp.

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Crawford works as part of the firm’s ‘government contracts practice group’ and his role is to consult clients on matters relating to government contracts.

Crawford is based in Washington, DC. He also has Bar Admission status in Virginia, the District of Columbia and the US Court of Federal Claims.

The esteemed attorney was awarded the Super Lawyers ‘Rising Star’ award in 2017, as per his company profile. Crawford is also a board member of the Brown Rudnick Charitable Foundation.

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Source: Brown Rudnick

Where did Andrew Crawford train?

Andrew Crawford studied in North Carolina. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, in 2011.

Crawford then studied at Boston College Law School in Massachusetts, where he graduated cum laude as a Doctor of Law in 2015.

Crawford has co-authored ten published pieces, including research on the legality of vaccine mandates and updates on UK and US-imposed Russian sanctions.

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The latest from the Depp v Heard case

This week the Depp v Heard case has heard from movie-industry expert Kathryn Arnold. Arnold claimed Johnny Depp suffered “very little” as a result of Heard’s op-ed.

The case has also seen psychiatrist Dr David Spiegel take to the stand, with one amusing moment arising around a question over Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

This is set to be the final week of the case following a scheduled ten-day break earlier this month.

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation because of an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. Heard is countersuing Depp. The case is set to continue.

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