Who is Ethan Schmidt? LGBTQ Hunter Kicked By PetSmart Manager In Viral Video – Tassco

A Homophobic incident has now been captured on Camera in the US. The incident occurred on July 23 at the general retail retailer department of PetSmart. The traditional video has gone viral massively on social media. The video shows one of the many clients chatting with the cashier and skiing to retrieve the hanging Pride flag. The buyer in the video who is skiing to remove the Pride Flag has become known as Ethan Schmidt. Ethan Schmidt is a very popular Anti-LGBTQ activist.

He is widely known for abusing and speaking out against the LGBTQ environment. He is one of the sworn enemies of the LGBTQ environment. He is rather common on social media for his Homophobic Talks. He is usually seen spreading hateful messages against the LGBTQ environment. He has gained a lot of recognition among many Anti-LGBTQ circles across the country. The incident has now been captured at one of the many PetSmart stores.

Who is Ethan Schmidt?

Ethan Schmidt was at one of the many PetSmarts, he saw a Pride flag hanging by the Cash counter. He immediately asked the cashier to take the flag. The cashier asks the reason, to which Ethan replies that this flag offends him. The cashier is directly known as the supervisor to handle the scenario. According to an additional story, the supervisor also refused to take the Pride flag and continued to fly it. The video of this incident has been circulating all over social media.

In the video, Ethan is seen saying that LGBTQ is the devil’s stuff. Almost the entire video is filled with Homophobic slurs and different inappropriate phrases for the LGBTQ Community. Store supervisors are seen saying that the Petsmart Company is helping the LGBTQ environment, they usually wouldn’t take this flag. This video of the homophobic incident went viral all over the web. This creates a large amount of stir throughout. People from all over gave their views and feedback on this homophobic incident.

Although, some homophobes are seen supporting Ethan Schmidt on the web, the majority of the population supports the supervisor and cheers him on for standing up for the truth. The LGBTQ environment faces various prejudices and discriminations in daily life in various parts of the world. People Like Ethan Schmidt play an extraordinary position on this prejudice and discrimination. For all the latest national and world updates, information and data, keep following us.

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