Who Is Alert Keyman Averts Train Accident Video Went Viral On Twitter, Youtube & Reddit Link!

Accidents have increased a lot in the world these days. Many deaths have usually been reported due to accidents. There have been many such cases in which people lose their lives due to slight negligence. But sometimes our vigilance saves us from great danger. One such incident has been reported where an alert keyman averts the train accident.

The name of the keyman is Veeraperumal who played a big role in preventing a train accident. As per the reports, this keyman saved the lives of so many people who were traveling on the train. He proved that we need to be alert at work and always use the brain in time of danger rather than being scared. His wisdom and responsibility save the life of innocent people. The accident was supposed to have happened along a railway track beside Valantharuvai in the district of Ramanathapuram which is in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Who Is Alert Keyman Averts?

As per the resources, Veeraperumal the keyman stopped the running train by signing with a red flag. The accident happened today Friday, 17th June 2022. The sources are stating that the train was on the verge of meeting with an accident but the alert keyman instantly showed his wisdom and showed the red flag while standing in the middle of the railway track around a distance of 200 meters. The distance between the train and him was only 200 meters. As per the reports, the keyman had watched a fracture on the railway track and got tensed about the well-being and the safety of the commuters and the employees who were on the train at that time.

Alert Keyman Averts Train Accident Video

Without taking the further time he picked the red cloth out of his bag and stand between the railway track. He started waving the flag as a sign of danger. The rail driver noticed the red flag and stopped the train. The railway authority stated that the train was running at the speed of around 623/600-700KM at around 07:08 AM. The authority of The Ramanathapuram railways has stated that the Number of the train was 16851 Chennai-Rameswaram Express and the train was stopped by the loco pilot after watching the red flag. The train authority has stated that the train had started running from Ramanathapuram at around 06:58 AM and was coming to the area where the track was fractured which was closed by Valantharuvai which is in Ramanathapuram.

Alert Keyman Averts Death Reason

Everyone appreciates the alertness of the keyman as because of him many people are alive. After stopping the train, he sends an alert to the senior officials and informed them about the whole incident. Later on, the train was permitted to pass the section at the speed of 10kmph. The sources further added that the rail fracture was being fixed at that time. The photos and the videos of the train are currently circulating online and people are appreciating the man who saved the lives of many people. People are desperately searching for a man with wisdom a big and bad accident averted.

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