White House, hopes to ease tensions after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

The White House hopes tensions between Washington and Beijing will not worsen after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ongoing Asia trip that includes Taiwan.

At a news conference, White House National Security spokesman John Kirby said Pelosi and her delegation had the right to visit Taiwan.

He also said that it did not violate China’s sovereignty as well as the ‘one-China’ principle.

The White House hopes that this will not escalate into a crisis especially since they see no reason to deepen the issue.

Meanwhile, China’s objections to the US congressional delegation’s move are still ongoing.

In fact, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng summoned the US ambassador to Beijing, Nicholas Burns.

During the meeting, they warned Washington to immediately reverse the possible repercussions of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan especially because the consequences are serious.

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