Where Is Suzanne Marie Sevakis From ‘Girl In The Picture’?

Past is a record of events for the present for the future. Although, it is us, most of the time, that don’t utilize such a fascinating tool to satisfy our curiosity and caution. However, that doesn’t stop artists from revisiting it and bringing us a piece of art that tells the story. One such story that has come to light is through the movie ‘Girl In The Picture’. The movie has absorbed everyone’s attention and made me curious about what happened to real people. The events that surround them are inexplicable and yet, shrouded in mystery. Though many are curious about the whereabouts of Michael Anthony Hughes, the incident surrounding Suzanne Marie Sevakis is no different. Today we will discuss what happened to Suzanne Marie Sevakis from ‘Girl In The Picture’ in the article below. What events led to her downfall, and does what happened to her true?

Where is Suzanne Marie Sevakis from ‘Girl in the picture’?

Suzanne Marie Sevakis is the new girl of tragedy, and her tragedy is not something you get to hear every day. Abducted by a man who was going to be her father figure, Suzanne Marie Sevakis from ‘Girl in the picture’ could do nothing but follow. For we know what happened to her son in the future when he resisted. But that was where the true tragedy began, Floyd was raising the girl as her daughter but not with good intention. Life must have been hard for her as she ran away when she got pregnant. However, the freedom wasn’t long-lived as Floyd abducts her and marries her. Her mental state must have started to shatter then. But we have no proof of what went inside her, only our emotional intelligence to provide us with hints. Suzanne Marie Sevakis from ‘Girl in the picture’ died in a hit and run case. Nobody knows who killed her to this day.

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Where to watch ‘Girl In The Picture’?

The summer true-crime mystery can be seen on Netflix. The picture goes into good detail about what happened to Suzanne Marie Sevakis, mother of Michael Anthony Hughes, in the ‘Girl in the picture’ documentary.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis from 'Girl in the picture'

CC: ‘Girl in the picture’

What is ‘Girl in the Picture’ about?

True Crime is an incident that can only be viewed from the lens of fiction, facts, and documentaries, but it never happens before one’s eyes. The victims of true crime are left hollow by their experience and with no one turn to bury the incident in the recess of their minds. Unless someone comes to unearth their story and reveal the truth from its root. Though, it’s not easy for them to come out and recall their horrors. But the truth comes out sooner or later. One such truth came out in Netflix’s documentary ‘Girl in the Picture’ It details the events of Suzanne Marie Sevakis, Michael Anthony Hughes, and their perpetrator Franklin Delano Floyd.

‘Girl in the Past’ was released on the first of July. The movie got traction when the people discovered there might be a possibility that Michael Anthony Hughes might still be alive.

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