When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1702 By naijdate.com

Chapter 1702

Hayden saw the expression on his mother’s face firm for a moment, and he heard her sigh very superficially.

Hayden’s eyes suddenly watered.

The mother, who was once indomitable, had now broken her wings, and she could no longer spread her wings so proudly as she had done before.

From now on, Hayden will protect his mother.

This idea took root in his heart and quickly grew!

Blink, a month passed.


Summer vacation is coming.

Tammy asks John to go to Foster’s house and bring Lily and Robert to play at home.

If it wasn’t for her third trimester belly fat and she wasn’t easy to move, Tammy would pick up the two in person.

Elliott wanted to go to Lynch’s house with the two children, but Lily refused.

After John took the two children to the car, he asked Lily, “Why don’t you let your dad play with you?”

Lily: I don’t want him to follow me, I’m not a child anymore.

“Haha, Lily, you don’t know how to live happily. If your father could accompany me like that when I was young, I would be very happy.”

“My father gave it to you, do you want it?” Laila looked serious, “I wish he would go to work every day, and not always ask me about my homework, and not always see me unhappy.”

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June: “He cares about you.”

“The more he cares about me, the more he reminds me that I’m a baby without a mother.” “Uncle John, don’t talk to him,” Lily said, turning her face away from the car window.

June: “Okay, I’ll convince him to work more and not stare at you all the time.”

Layla: Alright.

At home, Tami immediately hugged Lily.

“Lily, you have grown taller again! And so has your brother!” Tammy wanted to hug Robert, but her stomach was too big to hold, so she could only reach out and touch Robert’s head.

Robert was a bit reticent, hiding behind Layla, staring at Tammy’s belly without blinking.

“Aunt Tammy, my sister is going out soon?” Laila touched Tammy’s belly with her hand.

The moment her little hand touched Tammy’s belly, the little boy violently kicked her stomach.

“Ah! It’s moving! My sister is moving.” Laila cried.

Tammy laughed, “Your sister definitely wants to go out and play with you.”

Layla: When are you going out?

“Come on! There’s still a week left at the most.” Tammy lived like a year.

The baby had already completed its full term, and in three days, this would be the date of birth.

Tammy was originally determined to have a C-section, but her mother-in-law told her that a C-section was better than a natural delivery. As a result, the caesarean section leaves a scar on the stomach that will never go away. Secondly, a vaginal birth is less harmful to the body than a cesarean section. The third point is that if you have a caesarean section, you will have to postpone it for at least two years if you want to have a second child.

Of course Tammy won’t decide whether this pregnancy is straight or cut because of the third point.

At the last maternity check, the doctor said that her baby’s head circumference was within the normal range, and that a natural birth was also possible.

So she was more confused.

“Aunt Tammy, will my mother come back to see you when you give birth?” Laila suddenly asked this question: “Are you in contact with my mother?”

Tammy’s smile froze: “Your mom told me before that she wouldn’t come back when I had a baby.”

“Oh… she didn’t give me a single call. Do you think she did the right thing?” Laila felt sad, so she asked for justice.

Tammy looked sad, grabbed Lily’s hand, and sat down on the sofa.

“Of course this is not right for your mother. Perhaps she has an agreement with your father. After all, your custody is with your father…” Tammy guessed.

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