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WhatsApp Mod iOS Download (Was Display Like Iphone)

Who says iOS display can only be applied on Apple devices. WhatsApp iOS Mods it is also available and can be installed easily on Android devices. The features provided are no less interesting so you can try them out.

Basically, many choose WA mod because it is considered better at maintaining privacy. Likewise, if you want to customize the appearance, it’s easier if you use the WA mod. This is because the original WA itself only provides monotonous dark and light themes. ‘

Review WhatsApp Mod iOS

Android users can use themes that resemble iOS in WA easily. Well, one thing that can be done is to install the appropriate WA mod. This option will not be found in the original WA menu.

You can download this WA mod application via the download link provided. The appearance of the iPhone but on Android does create a sensation of its own uniqueness. Thus, Android users can experience a simple but elegant look like iOS.

Featured Features of WA Mod iOS

As is well known, the current version of the WA mod is indeed so many. You can choose it according to your needs and the features it offers. The basic application used to be modified is the latest and anti-banned version of the WhatsApp mod.

Thus, you do not need to be anxious when using this WA mod. Then, what are the excellent features that can be enjoyed through this application?

1. Anti Ban


It is undeniable that WA mod users are often haunted by the fear that their account will be banned. No need to worry, this WA mod offers more advanced updates. Especially for WhatsApp mod iOS version 8.70 which is discussed at this time.

This application is basically equipped with an anti-ban feature. With a note that you use it in a reasonable level. Thus, the probability that the number will be blocked is smaller.

Although not 100% safe, at least the anti-ban feature will really help reduce the risk of getting blocked.

2. Watching Deleted Stories


Basically, every WA mod does allow users to upload stories. When using the official WA, the deleted status can no longer be seen by others or yourself.

This is different if you use this one WA mod. There is a feature to view the status even though it has been deleted by the owner. So, you can freely see the status that has been deleted.

No need to worry, the status owner himself will not know that his status has been seen. This feature is actually quite unique because not all WA mods provide it.

3. Hiding Online Status


Sometimes feeling lazy to reply to status may occur. You are not free to open WhatsApp for other purposes because of the online status. As for when using official WA, other people can easily see the online status.

Then, is there a way to turn off the online status? One of the WA mods that provides it is WhatsApp Mod Ios. So, other people will not know that you are online. Thus, there is no need to hesitate if you want to delay replying to chats.

4. Various Themes


One of the reasons many people move to the WA mod is the display customization option in it. In fact, the app also lets you choose a variety of themes. Everything can be used for free, you know.

5. Using Color Gradations


The interface that relies on color gradations does look so unique. Well, you can use this WA mod to customize the look. The color gradation will give an unusual look so you won’t get tired of looking at it.

6. DND mode


If you often feel like you don’t want to be disturbed, then the use of DND mode is highly recommended. So, users will not be disturbed by chat or phone calls by activating this DND mode in the WA mod.

7. Various Emojis


Are you one of those who often use emojis when chatting? Basically, the use of emoji will indeed give a more expressive impression when starting a conversation. Well, this WA mod itself provides more choices so you will be free to choose it.

8. Bubble Chat Display


Even though it’s actually quite simple, the chat bubble that can be changed will give a unique impression of its own.

9. Interesting Font Options


There are very few font choices in the original WA. Users are not free when they want to change it. The attractive font will give a more exciting impression when typing chat.

10. Hiding Online Status


Hiding online status is an option for some people because they don’t want to reply to chats too quickly. Well, you can activate it if you use this WA mod.

11. Hiding Last Seen Status


Information last seen or last seen according to some people are deemed unnecessary. Well, you can activate it by using this WA mod. Basically, this option is part of the privacy settings that you can try.

12. Hiding Double Tick and Blue Tick


Although it looks trivial, hiding these two types of ticks is quite influential. You can remove it if you feel you don’t want to reply to the chat at the same time.

13. Watching Stories Without Getting Known


Want to see someone’s story but feel prestige? No need to worry, you can rely on this WA mod feature. So, your name will not be visible even after watching it.

14. Making Messages Unforwardable


For some reason, sometimes a person doesn’t want his message to be forwarded. Therefore, you can use this WA mod and set the sent chat so that no one can forward it.

Download the Latest WhatsApp Mod iOS 2021


After seeing the various advantages of this WA mod, then you can download it via the link provided below.

Not WhatsApp Mod iOS Apk
Version 8.70
OS Android 4.1 up
Size 44.96 MB

Download All Versions

How to Install WhatsApp Mod iOS

The steps for installing this WA mod are basically very easy. There are only a few different steps that can be taken. You can install it on various Android specifications. However, keep in mind that this app is not from Google Playstore.

Therefore, make sure to enable unknown sources first. For more details, see the installation steps below.

  • The first step, click the WhatsApp Mod iOS download link above.
  • After that, wait for the file to finish downloading.
  • Open the Settings menu or Settings on the phone.
  • Activate the option Unknown Source or Unknown Source.


  • Open the downloaded file and follow the installation steps.
  • Login with WhatsApp number.
  • Done

The increasingly widespread use of WA mods might make you tempted to use them too. WhatsApp mod iOS can be the right choice if you want an Apple phone-style interface on Android.

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