WhatsApp ends support for iOS 10 and 11

Redaksinet.com – The latest news comes from WhatsApp which will stop support for iOS 10 & 11. And these two iPhone models will be affected.

For those of you iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C users, you will most likely no longer be able to use WhatsApp after 24 October 2022.

This unfortunate news comes from WhatsApp which plans to stop support for the iOS 10 and 11 operating systems on iPhone devices.

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WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp will discontinue support for iOS 10 and 11 at the end of 2022, after October 24 to be exact.

This information is also in accordance with what is displayed on the official WhatsApp Help Center page which informs that this application only supports iOS 12 or above.

As we know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications around the world. Now WhatsApp also brings new features in its application.

Not surprisingly, with the addition of new features that have been released or are still in Beta, this will also leave support for platforms that are considered obsolete.

Starting with this latest warning, iPhone users who are still sticking to iOS 10 and iOS 11 are forced to upgrade to iOS 12 or higher.

By upgrading to iOS 12, iPhone users can certainly still use WhatsApp, even until the specified date.

Likewise for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C users, because these two models have the highest iOS version 10.3.4, as a result, they will no longer be able to use WhatsApp starting October 24, 2022.

However, if you use another iPhone model but can still upgrade to iOS version at least 12, then you can definitely use WhatsApp.

Well, here are the official recommended HP specifications to run the WhatsApp application:

  • Android version 4.1 or higher
  • iPhone version iOS 12 or higher
  • iOS version 2.5.0 or higher, including jioPhone and JioPhone 2

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That’s a brief explanation related WhatsApp ends support for iOS 10 and 11hopefully the information that we convey in this article can be helpful and useful.

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