What is Maintenance? Here’s a full explanation

What is Maintenance – Technological developments are getting more and more advanced, this makes us inevitably have to be able to adapt in the modern era that uses this technology. Well, if not then we will we or even our country will lag far behind other countries. Indonesia itself is a country where technological developments have made positive progress.

Apart from being users of technological goods, we are also required to be productive in terms of technology. So for that we must at least know the terms that are often used in the world of technology. This is so that we don’t feel confused when there is important information using the term technology.

One of the terms that is often used and often heard is the word Maintenance. Well, as in the previous article post, Mimin also made an article with the following title Telkomsel Maintenance August 5, 2020. For some people, the meaning has been understood, but there are still many who still don’t know the meaning of maintenance.

Well, for that, in this article, I will explain what maintenance is, examples of maintenance, and what is the purpose of maintenance. For those of you who want to know in more detail about the meaning of maintenance, please read this article to the end because there are important points that you should know. Here’s a full explanation.

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance is a vocabulary that comes from English which means maintenance. In the world of technology the term maintenance is used for the technical meaning of maintenance including functional inspection, service, repair or replacement of devices, equipment, machines.

So, if you often hear terms such as telkomsel maintenance, free fire game maintenance, and others, it means the site, or application is under maintenance or routine repairs to maintain quality or to be even better.

Example of Maintenance

There are many examples of maintenance itself, and today, August 5, we hear the term Telkomsel maintenance. This means that Telkomsel is carrying out maintenance or repairs for Telkomsel services so that the quality can be even better.

This maintenance is usually done routinely whether it’s once a month or once a year. For you game lovers, maybe you often use maintenance words on free fire games, PUBG, mobile legends and others.

What is the Purpose of Maintenance?

As Mimin said above, this maintenance is intended as maintenance or repair of a system so that it can be even better or improve its quality. So that users can comfortably access it.

Another purpose of maintenance is also to check whether there is damage, or there are gaps that can reduce quality. This maintenance is usually carried out regularly to prevent unwanted things.

The final word

Such is the explanation of what maintenance is, examples of maintenance, and the purpose of maintenance. Hopefully what I have explained here can be understood. Thank you

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