What is Indihome FUP – Limits, Quotas and How to Check the Latest

Internet is inseparable from human life. The internet is not only used as a means of entertainment and direct communication. Furthermore, the internet is also often used as a business field or to support the business itself.

One of the means used to create a connection with the device you have is Indihome. Unlike before, currently Indihome sets FUP (Fair Use Policy). Then, what is it FUP Indihome?.

What is Indihome FUP?

FUP (Fair Use Policy) or what is often referred to as “Fair Usage Limit” can be found in ‘all internet packages infinite for all giver. These limits vary widely and depend on the type of provider and the price of the internet package.

FUP itself is used to limit internet usage by customers. After the internet quota used has exceeded the limit, the speed on the network will decrease drastically.

The use of FUP is very important for Unlimited internet service providers. Otherwise, they can get a lot of losses due to uncontrolled internet usage by customers.

Same thing with Indihome, they also set a FUP to limit the data usage of each customer. Indihome makes variations of FUP depending on the internet speed at normal times and the price paid.

FUP Indihome Unlimited

1. FUP (Fair Use Policy) Indihome 10 Mbps


The 10 Mbps internet package is the package that has the lowest speed of all the packages offered by Indihome. The normal usage limit of this package is 400 GB per month.

After internet usage has exceeded 300 GB, the maximum internet speed that can be used is only about 7.5 Mbps or about 75% of the maximum speed at the beginning.

If the customer’s internet usage has reached more than 400 GB, then the internet network speed will decrease again in the range of 4 Mbps or around 40% of the maximum speed at the beginning.

2. FUP (Fair Use Policy) Indihome 20 Mbps


An internet package with a speed of 20 Mbps is quite ideal for some users. Network speeds ranging from 20 Mbps will not spend FUP too fast and convenient to use.

This plan has a fair usage limit of 800 GB. The amount is quite large if not used by many people. If the internet quota usage has reached 500 GB, the internet network speed will be reduced by 25%, namely the internet speed is at 15 Mbps.

If the customer is already using an internet network that exceeds 800 GB, then the internet speed will only remain 40% or around 8 Mbps.

3. FUP (Fair Use Policy) Indihome 30 Mbps


Indihome presents packages infinite with a speed of 30 Mbps. The internet speed of 30 Mbps is very high. So, even though it is used by many people at once, it will still feel fast. Although not as fast as when used alone.

This package has FUP (Fair Use Policy) is very large, namely 700 GB and 1,200 GB. This amount is ideal for use by a family of 4 people. So, they can still use the internet with maximum speed in large numbers.

If the accumulated internet usage has reached 700 GB, the internet speed will be reduced to only 22.5 Mbps remaining. Furthermore, if internet usage has exceeded 1,200 GB, then the internet speed is only 40% (12 Mbps).

4. FUP (Fair Use Policy) Indihome 40 Mbps


FUP large enough will be very helpful for users who have high mobility in using the internet. So, they can still carry out various promotional activities without worrying that the internet speed will slow down.

FUP on internet packages with a maximum speed of 40 Mbps is suitable for an MSME. The internet network is used as a means of promotion, sales, and responding to complaints from customers.

In this internet package, there are two FUP limits, namely 900 GB and 1,600 GB. If internet usage has reached 900 GB, the network speed will be reduced by 25% (30 Mbps remaining).

If the accumulated usage has exceeded 1,600 GB, then the internet network speed will be reduced again by 35% of the initial speed. Thus, the maximum network speed touches 16 Mbps.

5. FUP (Fair Use Policy) Indihome 50 Mbps


Internet speed of 50 Mbps provided by Indihome is very useful. With high speed internet, daily activities that require an internet connection will also run smoothly.

Just like other packages, this internet package also has 2 FUPs (Fair Use Policy). The limits are 1,200 GB and 2,000 GB.

If the use of the FUP quota has reached 1,200 Gb, the internet speed will be reduced until only 75% remains or around 37.5 Mbps. Then, if it has exceeded 2,000 Gb or 2 TB, then the internet speed will remain only 40% or around 20 Mbps.

6. FUP (Fair Use Policy) Indihome 100 Mbps


Internet package with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps is the highest speed package provided by Indihome. With this high speed, users don’t have to worry about stumbling when surfing in cyberspace.

The FUP of this package is also very high, which is 2,000 GB or about 2 TB. The size of the fair usage limit makes it very suitable for use by content creator.

Packages with high speed and Fair Use Policy The large size makes them more flexible to upload content to Youtube, Instagram, and others. This package is also suitable for developing businesses that use the internet actively.

If the internet usage has reached 2,000 GB, the internet speed will be reduced by 50%. So, the maximum internet speed is only 50 Mbps left.

How to Check Indihome FUP

Fair Use Policy It is highly recommended that it be checked regularly. Thus, the development of internet quota usage becomes controlled and more efficient. This is very important so that the maximum network speed can be maintained for a longer time.

To check FUP indihome, you can use the device smartphone nor personal computer (PC). However, the way to be taken on the two devices is slightly different.

If you want to check using a PC, the user can only use it via the internet. Whereas with smart phone, Checking can be done via the internet or via SMS.

1. Check Indihome FUP Via the Internet


  1. Activate PC device or smartphone,
  2. Connect the device with Internet connection,
  3. Open a web browser anything,
  4. Input address http://www.indihome.co.id/,
  5. Click ‘My Indihome
  6. Input all data requested,
  7. Click the button “Usage Information“,

2. Check Indihome FUP Via SMS


  1. Unlock device smartphone,
  2. Open message app,
  3. Write an SMS with the format: ISP IH Area code + landline number registered indihome,
  4. Click send button,
  5. Wait for a reply.

3. Check Indihome FUP with MyIndihome Application


  1. Download app MyIndihome on Play Store or App Store,
  2. After the application is installed, open the application,
  3. Enter indihome account to login,
  4. In the application, FUP data will be listed.

Indihome provides fast and unlimited internet connection. There are FUPs of various sizes in the package. For that, check the FUP periodically to monitor internet usage.

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