What is Bitgert (BRISE) Token? Legit Or Scam Full Review About BRISE

What is Bitgert (BRISE) Token? a crypto coin that is said to be hype, then is it true that this coin is one of the top candidates to go viral?

bitter built on top of the Binance blockchain, claims to be a staking platform and decentralized exchange (DEX) alternative to PancakeSwap, interoperable via Android app and AppStore (BETA). BRISE Coins is Bitgert’s native cryptocurrency.

What are Bitgert coins used for, you ask? According to Bitgert, “BRISE dApp Wallet is a multi-coin wallet app that allows you to securely send/receive/store/exchange various cryptocurrencies.” Bitgert claims to donate 5% in transaction fees to the buyback scheme to deflate circulation, 3% for marketing purposes and 4% for staking prizes.

Questions regarding Bitgert’s ownership structure and operating procedures. In this article we tackle these questions and look for some answers.

Are BitRise Profits Really Donated To Charities?

The charity BitRise Bitgert allegedly donated proceeds to various hunger relief and education programs, though details beyond that are scarce. The official website does not outline any affiliations, charity numbers or plans of action. A reverse image search shows that the visual asset is a stock photo.

Some philanthropic-minded individuals appear to have donated to charity. The donation address only records two incoming transactions during its lifetime.

Currency.com recommends conducting thorough due diligence before donating to a lesser-known charitable organization.

Bitgert’s online presence

Due to the lack of contact details available through the website, Currency.com contacted Bitgert through its official social media channels. A message posted on Bitgert’s official Telegram page requesting further details regarding Bitgert’s operations, audit procedures, and ownership model was met by a quick block.

This begs the question: what is Bitgert (BRISE)?

Comments have been requested via Bitgert’s official Twitter page. Only registered in July 2021, Bitgert amassed 66,000 followers while following only two others: Elon Musk and the CEO of Binance. Despite regular posting activity, many posts appear to be pleading for a list of Bitgert cryptocurrency exchanges.

Also, some replies under each post tend to be identical, indicating potential bot activity.

Bitgert’s official website lists the supposed development team. All names and roles were cross-checked on LinkedIn, although no matching profiles could be found. Furthermore, certain aspects of the team’s profile pictures (see below) suggest that they could be computer-generated: for example, the blurred and incomprehensible background behind ‘Dominick Rodgers’. These visual distractions are a key sign of AI-generated profiling, according to analysis by coder and visual artist Kyle McDonald.

McDonald told Currency.com: “I believe it is a GAN image. The main clues are the ‘brick’ background in the first image, the messy quality of the forehead hair in the second image (and the teeth). Also, Pellio has longer ears on one side which appear to have earrings, but not on the other. Asymmetry is a common problem. I hope this is generated with StyleGAN3.”

Moreover, ‘Alexeeva’ is a feminine name in the Russian lexicon, which is derived from the masculine word ‘Alexyev’. The face parameter ‘Pellio Homullus’ is entered into generate.photo, and the results can be observed here. Bitgert has removed all traces of this profile picture from the website.

The domain name bitgert.com is cross-referenced using lookup.icann.org . Bitgert appears to be using the Withheld for Privacy (WFP) service, although the domain details appear to be taken straight from the typical WFP example presented on the homepage, suggesting that Bitgert (BRISE) may not actually be paying for the service.

Funny or not, depending on your point of view, the given zip code matches the Icelandic Phallological Museum, which houses the world’s largest exhibition of penises and penis parts.

Questions were also posted on Bitgert’s official Reddit page, which only allows posts with moderator approval. Approval remains pending.

The web page does have a chat function, but whether this is an automated service or a genuine representative is unclear. A request for comment brought the following response: “The audit is done manually by the technical team and the way of representation may look the same as the format will not change for each project.

“Team members chose not to disclose more info for their own privacy reasons. For example, It is an individual’s choice to share more information about their personal professional self or not.”

Bitgert has carried out an advertising attack. Many articles continue to appear on Google, most of which are released through India-based online publication Analytics Insight.

Bitgert’s marketing strategy uses SEO tactics that are becoming increasingly common in the cryptocurrency space. Pairing Bitgert’s name alongside the more established project names in the title of this article aims to equate Bitgert with the likes of Cardano, Avalanche, and others.

In just two days (17 and 18 March 2022), Analytics Insight published no less than 15 articles featuring Bitgert in the headline, usually alongside other large cap cryptocurrencies.

Bitgert Blockchain

Bitgert released the long-awaited blockchain in February 2022. The much-anticipated promise of gas-free transactions never materialized, with Bitgert instead changing tactics to a “near-zero transaction fee” system.

Built with a proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus protocol, BriseChain has a block time of 15 seconds. Although PoA blockchains are considered highly scalable, they have also been criticized for being highly centralized.

According to Binance Academy, “It can be said that this consensus algorithm model is simply an attempt to make centralized systems more efficient. While this makes PoA an attractive solution for large companies with logistics needs, it does bring some doubts – especially in the cryptocurrency sphere.”

There is evidence to suggest that BriseChain was developed by a third party rather than Bitgert itself. Prior to its removal, the Bitgert logo briefly appeared on the homepage of Vindax, an organization that sells prepackaged blockchain systems for under $5,000.

Is there an exchange that lists BRISE?

BRISE got a listing on Gate.io in February 2022, driving a rally in token value. KuCoin also lists the BRISE/USDT pair. Based on CoinMarketCap metrics, BRISE coin has a liquidity rating (LR) of 334/1000 on Gate.io and 254/1000 on KuCoin, well below the healthy rating of 700+.

BRISE is also available on BNB Chain-based decentralized exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap.

Is Bitgert a scam?

The Bitgert project has many question marks hovering over it, including in relation to the identity of its team, the quality of its blockchain, its social media presence, and its advertising practices.

But while these are definitely red flags, they don’t necessarily prove that Bitgert is a scam. In the end, the validity of the project should be determined by you. Currency.com does not provide financial advice, and this article is intended to provide information in a neutral and transparent manner.

How many Bitgert coins are there?

It’s not clear how many BRISEs are in circulation.
The CoinMarketCap figure stands at 427.125 trillion, but this is a self-reported figure.
The maximum supply is believed to be one quadrillion.

Who created Bitgert?

It is not clear who created Bitgert.
Team member names and profiles could not be determined as valid, and no contact details are available.
The user has been blocked if the information is requested on Telegram.
Domain name details are also hidden.

What makes Bitgert unique?

There are many red flags emerging from the Bitgert project, including unverifiable information and audits of team members, lack of transparency, and social media criticism.

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