What is an entrepreneur and what are the characteristics?

tirto.id – Entrepreneurship is a process of doing something new (creative) and something different (innovative) that is useful and provides added value.

Entrepreneurship is also defined as an effort to create added value by combining sources through new and unconventional ways to win the competition.

Because Entrepreneurship examines the values, abilities, and conduct of a person in creating & innovating, the object of the study of entrepreneurship is ability.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs) are people who have the courage to take risks to carry out their work to achieve better output without violating the applicable budget, especially for employees who work in government or private agencies. Understanding Entrepreneurs from Various Perspectives

As quoted in the Entrepreneurship Practicum Module (2017), an entrepreneur can be defined according to several perspectives and contexts, for example the following:

1. Economist’s view An entrepreneur is a person who combines factors of production such as natural resources, labor/HR, materials and other equipment to create a higher value than before.

An entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to use & combine resources such as finance, raw materials, work peace, skills and facts, to produce new products, new production processes and new organizations.

An entrepreneur is someone who forms a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of earning profit and growth by identifying opportunities and combining the resources needed to take advantage of these opportunities.

An entrepreneur is a person who has an internal drive to achieve a goal, likes to experiment or experiment to show freedom beyond the control of others.

An entrepreneur is a person who builds wealth for others, finds ways to promote resources, reduce waste, and create jobs that people love. Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

The following are the characteristics and characteristics of entrepreneurship, as quoted in the Prakarya and Entrepreneurship (2020) module.

1. Confident

Work with confidence

Not dependent on doing work

two. Oriented in task and output

Meet the need for achievement

Work orientation in the form of profit, diligent & patient, determination to work hard


three. risk taker

Dare & able to take the risk of work

Likes a challenging job

4. Leadership

Acting in demand as a leader who is open to suggestions and criticism

Practically associating and affiliated with others

five. Thinking towards outcomes (benefits)

Creative & innovative

Flexibility in carrying out work

Have a lot of resources

Versatile and knowledgeable

6. Originality

Thinking looking ahead


General Traits of Entrepreneurs

Successful or successful entrepreneurs generally have the following characteristics, as quoted in the Entrepreneurship Practicum Module (2017):

An entrepreneur always has the principle that what he does is an optimal effort to create maximum value. That is, entrepreneurs do things in a non-arbitrary manner, even though it can be done by other people.

Success is a journey, not a destination. Every time you achieve a goal, target or dream, then immediately create a new virtual dream that can spur and give enthusiasm & enthusiasm to achieve it.

An entrepreneur generally has the power of creation and discovery that is more according to non-entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur must immediately translate his dreams into innovations to develop his business. Innovation is likened to the pillars that support the strength of life & business.

According to Sony Sugema, there are 3 things that a successful entrepreneur must have, namely dreams, hard work, and knowledge.

An entrepreneur must have a commitment as a result of giving birth to a responsibility for what he does.

An independent person is a person who does not like to rely on other people but instead optimizes all the power and efforts that they have.

9. Courage to Face Risk

An entrepreneur must have the courage to take risks. The greater the risk he faces, the greater the profit he gets.

A true entrepreneur is able to see things from a different perspective or dimension at one time. In fact, he also must be able to do several things at one time.

This ability makes him proficient in dealing with various kinds of problems faced by the company.

To be able to use the time and energy of others to manage and share their business, an entrepreneur must have the ability and passion to share the people around him.

A person’s managerial ability can be observed based on 3 abilities, namely technical ability, personal ability, and emotional ability.

Someone who wants to become an entrepreneur must enrich himself with various personal skills.

Author: Maria Ulfa Editor: Addi M Idhom

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