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What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate and its Benefits for Business

Ngopisantuy.comWhat is a Wildcard SSL Certificate and its Benefits for Business, Whether it’s an ecommerce site or a physical store, your website must be secure. An SSL certificate is required for your website to keep clients safe and to protect your organization from legal liability.

E-commerce sites generally have several subdomains in addition to the main domain. To protect all these subdomains, you need excellent security with the latest security standards.

The wildcard SSL certificate covers more than one subdomain in this scenario. As a result, this form of SSL webcard is the perfect solution for developing companies that are expanding their business network into the internet realm.

Below is detailed information on wildcard SSL, as well as five reasons why your business needs such security protection and why you should consider getting one.

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What is the definition of a Wildcard SSL CERTIFICATE?

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a standard web page framework. One option to secure your site is to switch from HTTP to HTTPS (HTTP Secure).

What is a Wildcard SSL Certificate and its Benefits for Business

Typically, businesses with large websites must have multiple sub-domains (e.g., checkout pages, blogs, etc.), which can be difficult because each sub-domain must be protected.

A Wildcard SSL certificate is a single SSL certificate that protects all subdomains. It can protect all sub-domains and root domains where sub-domains reside.

SMBs on a budget can save money by purchasing Wildcard Certificates, which provide protection for the entire website, including the parent domain and associated subdomains. This SSL certificate encrypts all traffic between the browser and the server, including traffic between servers.

Every consumer may feel more comfortable with the specification of an SSL certificate on a website, because there is a guarantee for the protection of their information.

A sub-domain is a domain extension that you can use to create different sections of your main website. For example, if it’s your main website, you can include a dedicated photo area.

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Five Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Wildcard SSL Certificate

Here are five reasons why you need a Wildcard SSL certificate for your company website:

  1. Make sure the subdomain is not restricted

There may be concerns about how many subdomains a single wildcard SSL certificate can secure. The benefit of using this SSL certificate is that you can protect all subdomains of your website forever.

  1. Simple SSL management

Usually, protecting all these sub-domains might be a hassle. Each subdomain will need its own certificate. After that, you have to issue certificates, install them individually for each subdomain, set up your server properly, and keep track of all renewal dates.

Other factors that may be problematic should be considered. You have to take care of the basics.

All of these operations can be accelerated by using wildcards. You only need to manage one certification, not a series. One purchase, one problem, one installation, and you’re done.

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  1. Economical

As an unspoken rule, you should keep track of your expenses. They will make more money if they keep their expenses as low as possible. Assume you have a company with a website that supports 14-15 sub-domains.

You usually need to get an SSL certificate structure for each sub-domain if you want to encrypt it and give it an HTTPS address.

If you buy and install certificates for all of them at the same time, the cost of 14-15 certificates can easily go up to hundreds of dollars per year. In my opinion, it is more cost effective to get a wildcard SSL to secure all the domains at the same time.

  1. Better Google Ranking and SEO

Assume a website will be successful in the near future. In this situation, the website should have a suitable SEO boost, higher search rankings, and more authority (domain authority) for major search engines like Google, Yandex, CC Search, Yahoo, and Bing.

According to a modified Google algorithm, most of the pages on the first page of the SERP appear to be websites that have adopted security requirements that use HTTPS connections. Google chose to include HTTPS as an indication of ranking in their algorithm to provide web administrators with an additional alternative.

Websites that have a valid SSL certificate tend to rank higher than non-HTTPS ones.

  1. Increase consumer confidence

The success or failure of a website is mainly determined by the trust of its consumers. On an e-commerce site, you must earn the trust of your potential customers or clients so that they are willing to offer their payment information and personal details, such as credit card information, addresses, and so on.

As mentioned earlier, a low-cost wildcard SSL certificate solution provides client privacy on-premises and can prevent data interception in transit. According to research, many potential clients are afraid to do business with an insecure website.

It seems that not having the right SSL certificate is cheap, but it will hurt your organization in the long run.


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