What is a UAV in FF and what is its function in Free Fire

What is a UAV in FF – For all of you lovers of the Free Fire Battlegrounds game, this time I want to give you information that is quite interesting for you to see, where the ff game always provides interesting things for us gamers, where there are now many free fire survivors who are curious about what information it is. uav ff and if you are also curious then just take a look at the following reviews.

This game developed by Garena seems to be constantly making new breakthroughs for its players, for example, recently Free Fire has updated their map, namely the remastered Bermuda map, which now has ultra-HD graphics and is very comfortable for you to play.

Not only that, because there are still many other updates that you can get from the latest free fire game updates such as the latest characters, the latest modes and other things, but recently information about uav ff has popped back and many new players are curious to know this information.

What is a UAV in FF

Maybe if you’ve been playing free fire games for a long time, you probably already know what uav is in free fire, but as we know that new players are popping up every day, so it’s possible that players who don’t know this uav information are new players.

And actually this uav ff is a surveillance drone that will appear in the map when the game starts, which is a sign if there is a uav drone around you is that a drone icon will appear on the radar map, and you don’t go near the drone because if you approach it, your position will be will be discovered by the enemy.

Because as you know the function of the uav drone in this ff is to detect the player’s location, so if there is a player whose location is very close to the drone it will be detected on the radar so that the enemy will know your location, not only that because you can also get other functions of the uav drone in this ff.

FFsi Drone UAV Di FF

Another function that you can get is that you can use the drone to spy on enemies where you just follow the drone from a considerable distance, if later there are enemies around the drone, a red sign will appear and you can immediately aim and shoot at the enemy. .

If you already understand the function of this drone, then of course there are benefits that you can receive from the uav drone in free fire, even many players say that by using this drone feature you are like using a cheat application because it can detect enemy locations easily.

UAV Can Be Destroyed

If you don’t like this feature, then you can destroy the drone so the uav doesn’t approach you and your location won’t be found, then how do you destroy it?

Of course the method is very easy because you only need to shoot at the drone and after that the drone will be destroyed. thus the uav system will stop scanning nearby players, and please destroy the drone 5 times then you will complete the elite pass mission and will get points.

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The final word

More or less that’s all I can convey about what information is uav in this ff, I hope this review that I can convey can be useful for you.

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