What is a PUK code that can be used to unblock a Telkomsel card?

Gadgetren – After entering the wrong PIN repeatedly, the phone number that we have will usually be immediately blocked. We also need the PUK code if we want to use it again.

This applies to almost all cellular operators in Indonesia, including Telkomsel. Customers whose SIM card is blocked due to incorrect PIN input need to find out the PUK code of the number concerned.

So what exactly is a PUK code? Why do we need it when our SIM card is blocked? For those of you who are curious and want to learn about it, here is a more detailed explanation about it

What is PUK Code on Telkomsel Service?

PUK is an acronym for Personal Unblocking Key. As the name implies, this unique code is provided by the operator to open a blocked SIM card caused by an error when entering the PIN.

As we know, every operator, including Telkomsel, provides protection in the form of a PIN on the SIM card they issue. The goal is to protect the number from falling into the wrong hands.

PIN will ensure that we are really the owner of a valid phone number. If you enter it incorrectly more than three times, the SIM card will be locked immediately so it can’t be used properly.

So that the lock can be unlocked and the number can be used to make phone calls, send messages, or reconnect to the internet, we also need to enter the PUK code. We can later use it to reset the PIN from the SIM card.

It should be noted that entering the PUK code incorrectly up to ten times carries the risk of being permanently blocked. So we cannot type numbers carelessly but need to look for them in earnest.

The PUK code itself can usually be found easily on the package of the starter pack. However, if it is lost, we can also check it through the MyTelkomsel application, precisely on the My Profile page.

How to Get Telkomsel PUK Code

Via the MyTelkomsel app

  1. Login to MyTelkomsel application
  2. Enter the tab Menu
  3. The PUK code will appear below the phone number
  4. Tap the button Edit to see it more clearly
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If you can’t enter the MyTelkomsel service, you can also request a PUK code from Telkomsel’s virtual assistant via LINE, Facebook, and Telegram.

Via Telkomsel Virtual Assistant

  1. Open Telkomsel virtual assistant on LINE, Facebook, or Telegram
  2. Type Hello in the conversation window
  3. Type PUK Info
  4. Verify with T-Care PIN, contact you’ve contacted, or date of birth
  5. PUK will be sent via SMS

If you have difficulty finding the PUK code, you can immediately contact Telkomsel customer service at the number 188email [email protected]WhatsApp 0811-1111-1111or come directly to GraPARI.

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