What Happened To Ted Beneke After Breaking Bad

Ted Beneke (Couspos Christopher) is here for all but one season Falling apart, but the arc ends abruptly, which leaves viewers wondering what happened to Ted Beneke. The character made his serial debut midway through season 2, and as Falling apart In its development, Ted’s presence is shrouded in drama – namely tax evasion and his relationship with Skyler (Anna Gunn), wife of Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

Ted is president and owner of Beneke Fabricators at Falling apart. He inherited the business from his father, but when he took over, he ran into financial problems. To keep his business, Ted commits a serious tax fraud. Skyler, who worked at Beneke Fabricators years before the events of the series, got his job back as a bookkeeper. Ted, now a widow, has always set his sights on Skyler, and the two eventually start an affair. There is even a theory that Ted Beneke is the father of Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte), son of Walt and Skyler.


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After Skyler learns of his tax fraud, Ted tries to ask her to help him cook a book. In Falling apart Season 4, however, the IRS caught up with corporate tax fraud. If found guilty, Ted will go bankrupt with the threat of imprisonment. To avoid a severe penalty, Ted was required to pay taxes and a fine of more than $600,000. Skyler gives him money to do it, but instead of using this money to solve the problem, Ted refuses. Then, with the help of scheming attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), Skyler sends two bodyguards to force Ted to sign a check with the IRS. He then panicked and tried to escape before tripping over the carpet, suffering a severe neck injury. There is a belief that Ted died, but Skyler visited him in the hospital during season 5, where he promised never to reveal his family’s secrets. So what happened to Ted Beneke after that?

Christopher Cousins ​​Has An Idea For Ted’s Fate In Breaking Bad

Ted is in very bad shape after waking up from his coma. According to Cousin (via can be destroyed), there is a common belief that Ted remained afraid of the White family for the rest of his life. The actor theorizes that Ted became paralyzed after his accident, and he was left trapped in bed and isolated. If he did settle his scam with the IRS, he might lose his company and most of his other possessions afterwards Falling apart.

Ted’s fate is one loose end that’s never tied up Falling apart or the sequel, Street. Once Walt’s illegal activities made national news, it was possible that Ted would feel comfortable talking to investigators. Most likely, her past with Skyler remains a secret as she probably wants to stay as far away from him as possible. Skyler himself wasn’t a physical threat, but he had enough connections to violent figures, and Ted was well aware of that.

Ted Beneke’s Uncertain Fate Makes Breaking Bad Better

The fact that it’s never explained what happened to Ted Beneke after the last one Falling apart appearance actually helps make the show as effective as it is. During Falling apart, many side characters like Ted have their lives ruined by the White family, which helps illustrate how dangerous it can be to be entangled with them, although, as per Ted’s case, the Whites often don’t attack their victims directly and keep a safe distance from their wrongdoings. The tragic (but revealing) fate of Ted and others across Falling apartThe first few seasons also helped save the actual main cast disaster for the end while maintaining suspense and stakes throughout.

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