what fans don’t want to see in season 4

The fourth season of stranger things“, a series which is broadcast on the platform Netflixhas raised great expectations among fans of the production, who are already looking forward to what the new episodes will be, although there are also users who will see them with some fear and doubts about it.

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And it is that, throughout the previous seasons, there have been changes that no one believed possible or that have distorted the theme of the story, so many fans will be vigilant that nothing happens that affects the plot and his desire to keep watching the chapters.

By the way, many users of the various social networks have already spoken about it and have made it clear that they do not want to see certain situations in ‘Stranger Things 4’ and the portal Screen Rant has summarized it in an orderly way that we will now reproduce .

‘Stranger Things 4’ will be released very soon (Photo: Netflix)


musical sequences

In the third season of the show, we saw a Dustin music scene that didn’t sit well with fans and even got a little funny. This is why some of the fans of the production have been very critical of it and hope that this will not happen again in the new episodes.

fake deaths

With the trailer for the fourth season it was shown that Hopper’s death was faked, so many people were left speechless and somewhat annoyed because it doesn’t sit well with the story considering that this is a horror series and there are obviously risks and any of the characters could die in a strong scene.

Time travel

On social networks, some Internet users have also asked that time travel, which is used to remember certain past experiences of the main characters, not be abused. However, this may cause some things to be explained or the story to vary from moment to moment.

Tension between the main characters

With the trailer for the following chapters, we were able to realize that there could be conflicts between Lucas, Mike, Will and Dustin, who are the main characters and have been united throughout the story in order to overcome each misadventure presented.

secondary deaths

As was the custom in previous chapters, most of the deaths involved minor characters, which isn’t bad, but it makes the story a bit boring and the protagonists are almost invincible.

One of the new posters for the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ which shows Jim Hopper (David Harbour) in the Russian prison where he was imprisoned at the end of the third (Picture: Netflix)


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