What does weather delay mean in Indonesian?

id.jsmalfamart.com- What does weather delay mean in Indonesian? Are you a user currently searching for what that means weather delay In slang Indonesian, if yes, then you’ve entered the right discussion this time.

On this occasion, we will review the information that is currently being searched for or accessed by Internet users, therefore, see our review to the end below.

For those of you who are looking for what it means to postpone the weather in Indonesia, which has spread recently, of course you are very curious, right, this time we will provide complete information for all of you.

When doing activities, language is one of the means of communication, and good language produces good relationship patterns,

In Indonesia, in particular, there are two general styles of the language, which are standard language according to the rules of KBBI and PUEBI and slang.

In fact, not only in daily activities, the use of foreign terms can also be heard, especially the meaning of the word weather delay which is often spoken by many people.

So, what exactly is meant by the weather delay in Indonesia, which is currently being discussed by Internet users? Well, let’s see the full discussion below.

Meaning of delay in indonesian language

As explained above, internet users are currently searching for the meaning of the word weather delay, and this weather delay is something commonly used in the aviation world.

The definition of weather itself is “weather” or according to the Oxford Dictionary, the concept of weather is the state of the atmosphere based on hot or cold temperatures and calm or storms.

While snoozing has the meaning of “postponing,” snoozing means stopping all activities, whether intended or unintended.

However, weather delay actually has a real meaning that is often used in the aviation world, and here is an explanation of the meaning of the word weather delay in flight.

The meaning of the word delay in flight

The term in the world of aviation is always really interesting to discuss, especially for those of you who want to work and be involved in the world of aviation.

There are many terms in the world of aviation that you should know, one of them being discussed by netizens is the meaning of weather delay.

Weather delay is a well-known term in the aviation world which means delays in flights due to unfavorable weather.

The term flight delay itself has the meaning of delay in excess of the hours of departure or hours of arrival in excess of the specified time.

In fact, it is interesting to understand the language of aviation, there are other terms in the world of aviation that you should know such as:

  • Arrival : Passenger Arrival Section
  • apron : parking planes
  • Luggage : Luggage or hand baggage for passengers
  • Cab operator : The team that manages the cabin
  • cabin crew : stewardess or flight attendant
  • take off : The location from which the plane departs
  • Destination : the final destination of the trip
  • Transformation : Diversion of landings due to bad weather or technical problems
  • stay all night (RON): The common term for aircraft based at the airport
  • take off : Plane ready to fly off the runway

So this is the meaning of the word weather delay and some terms in aviation parlance, easy to understand, right? Now you don’t have to be confused anymore when you want to travel by plane.


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