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Recently, it seems that there are many netizens who are curious about what is the meaning of TikTok LKS? Check out the full review below.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media applications and has many users.

In this TikTok application, users can share with each other or find short videos that are quite entertaining.

In addition, the TikTok application also often brings up many new languages ​​or terms that are popular on social media.

As currently many are finding out about what the LKS used in the TikTok application means, read on until the end.

What is Tiktok LKS?

The meaning of LKS in TikTok

In this TikTok application, users can share their videos for other users to watch.

But of course the reach of the videos uploaded by these users will be limited to who the followers are or whether the content uploaded is similar to other videos.

You could say TikTok has its own calculations and algorithms for its recommended videos so they can be found by other users.

But more than that, it turns out that there are ways you can do so that the videos you upload can immediately go viral and enter the FYP.

FYP itself is a reference from TikTok users to a homepage filled with videos that have been recommended by TikTok.

One method that is currently popular is LKS which can make the content that we load into FYP.

Meaning of Tiktok Worksheet in Slang

LKS itself is an abbreviation made for Like, Comment and Share where these actions are commonplace in the TikTok application.

Users can give likes, comments, or share or share content found in the TikTok application.

However, LKS or Like Comments and Share on the TikTok application are indeed quite influential whether our content will enter the FYP or not.

If the video you uploaded still has a low number of Like, Comment and Share then TikTok will recommend it in FYP.

In addition, if the number of Likes, Comments and Shares increases, of course, the chances of entering FYP can be greater because uploaded videos are considered viral content.

Even so, it is quite difficult to make the content we load fit into FYP.

Many factors influence it including the number of competitors where other users are also uploading similar content.

However, this LKS method is also worth trying in order to increase the chances of getting into the FYP itself.

How to do Tiktok worksheets

The LKS method itself is very easy where you only need to like, comment and share.

This worksheet also includes those of you who like comments and share the content with other people as well as platform another.

Then, we can hope that people who see it can also do LKS so that the number of likes, comments and shares of the uploaded content can increase.

If the video is liked and shared by other people, then TikTok will read it and make the video go to FYP.

Of course, this method will not guarantee the success of the content being able to enter FYP directly, but it never hurts to try.

Besides that, there is already a lot of viral content on social media that also comes from Tiktok and is the fruit of this LKS.


So it is clear, this LKS is an action that needs to be done to make the video enter FYP.

As the name implies, you only need to like, comment and share the videos you want to promote.

Meanwhile, why it’s called LKS seems to be just to make it easier to pronounce it with abbreviations.

The final word

So, that was a little explanation about what the TikTok LKS means which has recently gone viral on social media.

If something is still unclear or there are other questions, you can just write it in the comments column or contact us via contact.

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