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The development of communication technology can be felt by the presence of digital smartphone devices. Audiences can easily get information quickly, easily, and practically

Moreover, coupled with the presence of social media which further adds to the ease of sharing information. More than that, social media is used as a place that is loved.

Various activities and ways are carried out and published so that other users are interested. Of course, the more people who are interested, the more users will be known.

Not just existence and sensation, popularity can also be used for marketing strategies. This allows users to earn more.

Usually, social media is filled with works that entertain, educate, and inspire. Such as sharing content in the form of music videos, tutorials, dramas, film reviews, and others.

In this digital era, anything can be used as a place for self-reflection or a place to pour out one’s heart. Usually it can be in the form of videos or short writings.

One of the foreign terms is Ex Zone or exzone often appears on the homepage of other social media users’ posts, be it on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

However, do you know what Ex Zone or Exzone the? Come on, let’s look at the explanation of the terms that are often used on social media.

A Brief About Slang

Slang is non-formal language that is used in a limited way for certain circles. Initially slang is just a code for certain purposes only.

The development of communication technology is growing rapidly and making slang more popular and looks cool when used in daily communication, especially among teenagers.

The language is dynamic and will continue to emerge over time. There will be a new term, while if it is not popular it will be abandoned or rarely used.

There are several patterns of slang, including foreign or regional languages, abbreviations, acronyms, shortening of syllables, affixes, changes in pronunciation, to word modifications.

For example the word “can” becomes said“cute” becomes releasethen the merging of the adjectives with such foreign languages sefruit which means a, and so on.

What Does Ex Zone Mean in Slang?

What does Ex Zone mean in Slang

Term Ex Zone comes from English which means former zone, the word “ex” usually refers to a love relationship that has been established, you could say as a former lover.

Temporary “zone” or zone is a space or area, in slang it is often likened to a space that makes a person struggle with various activities in it.

Ex Zone or Exzone is a term that refers to someone who is stuck in a relationship with his ex-lover, either directly or indirectly.

It can be said that ex zone the same as the term “difficult” move on” where a person cannot forget things related to the ex and hopes to repeat various memories.

Meanwhile, the term can be pinned to someone who is knitting a relationship back in a better direction with an ex-lover, such as frequently exchanging messages or chat.

Different from friendzone, connection ex zone more emphasis on ex-lover who still want to be a friend and always support each other.

Establishing a relationship is relative, because not everyone can live it well. The word “break up” in a relationship for them does not mean breaking up their entire life.

The zone can be said to be relative. It could be an uncomfortable thing when your ex-lover is close to someone else, but your position is only as exzone.

The final word

So Ex Zone or Exzone is a friendship that exists from someone who was your previous lover or ex-lover, such as still frequently exchanging messages and establishing good relationships.

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