What Are TikTok Account Alerts? Is there a way to fix it?

Gadgetren – TikTok has community guidelines that every user must follow. Otherwise, our account may be suspended temporarily or even permanently.

This is of course done to create an open, safe, and entertaining atmosphere in the service. That way later, anyone can use TikTok without having to worry about disturbing content such as inappropriate, vulgar, and violent videos.

TikTok itself has a special system to do this. They develop a variety of tools that are able to identify and remove inappropriate content and behavior from their community guidelines.

If able to detect violations accurately, these tools will take appropriate action. Including tagging it to get a review from the TikTok Security team to be more precise.

The actions to be taken when a violation occurs are quite diverse depending on the severity. The lightest, we will get an alert that will be sent via the Account Update section of the Inbox of the TikTok account.

What Are TikTok Account Alerts?

On its help page, TikTok explains in detail the various actions they will take if a violation occurs. It is also divided into two stages in this regard and adjusted according to the severity of the user error.

Sending a warning is also an action to be taken if an account violates the TikTok Community Guidelines for the first time. It’s just that this is especially true if the error is tolerable.

For serious violations that cannot be tolerated, the blocking will be done automatically. Keep in mind that TikTok can not only block the account but also the device used so that we can’t register again later.

It’s not until the second to next violation that TikTok will take an action or two. These include temporary and permanent blocking after the level of error committed.

The more a person commits a violation, the greater the punishment given. TikTok will also expressly send a stern warning that will be displayed in various parts of its application.

How To Remove Or Fix TikTok Accounts That Are Alerted

Make an Appeal

  1. Open received alert notification
  2. Choose an option Application for Appeal
  3. Follow the instructions that appear

If you believe that you haven’t done anything wrong or violated the terms of the TikTok Community Guidelines, you can also file an appeal like the steps above.

The TikTok system will later carry out a review. If there is an error in giving the penalty, they will also restore the account and related content and remove the penalty.

Leave it until the duration of the sentence runs out

If it is proven to be in violation, then we should need to remove various kinds of activities or content that are not in accordance with the TikTok Community Guidelines while waiting for the sentence to end where the time period may vary for each person.

Keep in mind that TikTok will usually only restrict accounts from uploading videos, commenting, or editing profiles for 24 or 48 hours depending on the error level. They will also generally only change to a viewing experience of 72 hours or up to one week only.

Meanwhile, if the violation is really serious and is repeated, permanent blocking cannot be avoided. We also can not do anything if this is given.

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