What are the causes of stress that can lead to stomach ulcers?

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Can stress cause heartburn? This question is often asked by some people and justified by some. However, is there a rationale for that? Before that, we must first define what an ulcer is. This way, you will understand how this pain can happen.

The reason is that many people suffer from this disease, including in Indonesia. The ages of the patients ranged from adolescents to the elderly. Especially for those who do not have a healthy lifestyle and do not really pay attention to what they consume.

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Ulcers are so familiar to hear that they are considered trivial, and one of their causes is stress. According to data conducted by several endoscopy centers in Indonesia, there are about 7,000 cases of ulcers, accounting for 86.4 percent. Among these, functional dyspepsia is not caused by digestive disorders but by other factors, including stress.

In addition, ulcers are often considered a trivial disease. However, this disease can spread and cause more serious illness. So stop assuming this disease is trivial and start not ignoring the symptoms that occur.

Causes of stress caused by stomach pain

Not without reason, stress is one of the triggers for heartburn. This is due to the many studies that have been conducted. So what is the reason that stress causes such pain? Could it make it worse? Check out the full information below!

1. mud barrier

A healthy person’s stomach contains mucus (mucous barrier) that prevents stomach acid from coming into direct contact with the surface layer of the stomach. Stomach acid cannot do any harm to the stomach when it is raised because the barrier regenerates itself rapidly by producing thousands of mucus cells to protect the inner layer of the surface of the stomach wall.

This does not happen to people with stomach ulcers, one of which is due to stress because stress can reduce levels of the hormone prostaglandin which has a function of strengthening the barrier that protects the stomach lining from stomach acid and when stressed, the adrenal gland increases the hormone in the body and this can lead to an increase stomach acid production

2. Stress can lead to heartburn outlet

When stressed, many people try to release stress to reduce the stress they are exposed to in various ways that are actually harmful to the body itself. One of them is drinking alcohol or smoking, although it can harm the stomach and cause heartburn as well. This is possible, and not many people realize it.

3. Stress stimulates certain areas of the brain

In addition, experts have found that stress can stimulate certain areas of the brain that increase sensitivity to pain, including heartburn. So, although stomach acid is not increased. However, for those who suffer from stress, it hurts more.

Stress and other negative emotions stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in difficulty digesting food. This infects the stomach and causes ulcers.

Therefore, it is clear that stress can lead to heartburn. This is because stress can cause a person to do many things such as drinking excessively, weakening the barrier, and stress can stimulate certain areas of the brain which exacerbate the pain experienced by ulcer sufferers.

So, now let’s start not to vent the stress of things that are hurting yourself. So as not to aggravate your ulcer. In addition to eating heavy food, you can also enjoy dessert to beat hunger. Especially when stress strikes. Thus reducing the frequency of stomach ulcers.

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