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What are Arcs in Anime and Manga? [Explained]

There are many entertainment media that we can choose from, but why do so many people choose anime and manga as the entertainment media they want to follow the story?

Have questions like these ever crossed your head? What is the answer to this one question?

In our opinion, this is not a matter of the selected media, which is animation only.

One thing that we always consistently pay attention to is how anime is able to show a very extraordinary and interesting character development curve for us to follow in each episode.

One story is finished and followed by another story, which in the end makes us understand, where will the characters or stories in this anime go.

We need a long time to know the development of a character or story, until we finally know what is the common thread or the end of a story that we want to convey.

It is this concept that ultimately leads us to a term that many people know as “Arc” or “Arc Story”.

But what does Arc actually mean in anime and manga? Let’s discuss.

What is an Arc in Anime?

Arc is a unified whole that is used to group several pieces of story plots that discuss the same thing or event in a story work.

Through the arc, in the end we can see a series of story plots as a whole and find out the final red thread of the story that we want to lift.

Arc means

The name of the arc will usually refer to an ongoing event and this arc is different from the episode.

As we have explained, the development of a character or the disclosure of a story in a story cannot be done in a short span of time.

Manga writers will usually need some chapter to explain a story. A series of stories from several chpater which discusses the same thing is called “arc”.

The same goes for anime.

In anime, Arc is used to refer to a chronological series of stories that discuss an event of the same thing, which is usually scattered in several episodes.

This anime arc is similar to “chechpoints” a sign used to mark how an event begins until it ends at a point, before proceeding to another story, or another arc.

But actually the term Arc not only we can find in anime or manga. This term also exists in other media that contain stories such as video games, comics, and even movies.

To make it easier to understand the meaning of the arcs that we have discussed above, we will give some examples of arcs in Spy x Family.

Introductory Arc for example, this arc focuses on the beginning of the Twilight story in the spy x family who are given the opration strix mission, who are given a new identity as Loid, and must form a Fake family which eventually adopts Anya and marries Yor. Loid then sends Anya to Eden Academy.

In the Anime section, this Introductory Arc is available in Episodes 1 and 2.

Continue on to the next arc, which is arc interviewwhere in this arc, the forger family must conduct an interview involving the forger family as part of the requirements to enter Eden Academy.

This Interview Arc in the anime is in episodes 3 to 5.

So far, it’s very clear isn’t it?

How Long is an Arc?

There are no specific rules that explain how ideal length is arc should be made, in our opinion this really depends on how complex or chronological the story you want to convey is.

In practice too, the length of a arc very different.

Spy x Family for example, a arc can be finished in just 2 to 3 episodes.

But there is also more than that to complete one arc. For example in the Naruto Shippuden series, the 4th Shinobi World War is one of the arc which is quite long.

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