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West Sumatra tourism still a success in 2020

West Sumatra tourism still a success in 2020 – Padan LONG is a city known as the Balcony of Mecca with countless tourist potentials waiting to be polished. Located at the foot of Mount Marapi, Mount Singalang and Mount Tandyk, those who stay in Padang Panjang often miss the fresh air here. Padang Panjang tourist attractions are not inferior to other tourist attractions in West Sumatra.

The city is located in a mountainous area with an altitude of 650-850 meters, with a cool climate, the maximum temperature is 26.1, the minimum is 21.8, and the average rainfall is 3,295 mm. / year. Take a walk around town and add romance. A sight worth considering. Well, for those looking for a different vibe in West Sumatra, try Padang Panjang.

West Sumatra tourism still a success in 2020

Topographically, the city is located on an undulating plateau, 20.17% of the area has a relative slope (less than 15% slope), and the rest is slope, steep and mountainous. The Padang Panjang Hills are about 850 meters above sea level. The peak is not too high, so this mountain is suitable for all new climbers, although we can reach the top in less than 45 minutes. The terrain is also not difficult and you can easily reach the highest point. So walking in Padang Panjang will not slow down your body…

Interesting tourist attractions in the east of Padang city, viral number 8 on Tiktok

Hiking or walking tours are one of those outdoor activities that criminals use for physical activity, usually in a scenic location with good trails. And the distance is short.

The route may still be passable, but not in the future. The reason is that the Padang-Padang Pancang railway line will be reopened. Along the tracks you and I can walk and enjoy the amazing views. Also, the shape of the cut in the middle of the Padang Banjang track makes us feel like we are in Europe. Along the way you will find a small waterfall with a beautiful rockfall. The water is very clear and cold. At the end of the trip, you will enjoy the views of the city of Padang Panjang from the railway bridge.

The natural scenery from the top of the blue railway bridge is truly mesmerizing. In the future, of course, it is better to build parallel roads with railways at a safe distance. As long as the Padang-Padang Panjang Railway operates, the pavement can still be passed.

This is a route that can be combined with recreational aquatic routes. This gentle trek starts from the path to Lubuk Mato Kutsiang Baths, when you reach Nagari Singgalang entrance gate, you will see a hiking trail in Jorong Tombong area. After the first walk you will enter a village in Jorong Tombong. You will then see a spectacular view of the balanced rocks of the Jorong Tombong mine.

West Sumatra Hits and Instagrammable Places That Are Cool to Visit

The perfect backdrop for shooting. After the square is owned by the Jorong Tombong people, it will enter the next Jorong, namely Jorong Sangkua. At Jurong Sankwa, you will enjoy views of the crystal clear, rocky river. There are many prohibited fish in the Shihe River (the fish must be kept in the river and can only be taken at a time agreed by both parties). Fishing is prohibited. Next, our finish line is the city of Padang Panjang.

This is the area with the greatest potential to become a major ecotourism destination in Padang Panjang. Located in the District of Bukit Tui – Padang Panjang. Walking through the Savakh Liek is really interesting. The Savakh Liek trek is very interesting and has very beautiful natural scenery. There are many places to let yourself be pampered by nature. A clean river flows down one side of the road. Also, Batu Balantay, a very clear spring with stone steps like a ladder of flowing water. It is a journey that keeps us entertained and healthy.

It’s a pretty tough climb for this singletrack. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for this journey through Telaga Kumbang. Following a steep road, you will pass a row of hills south of the city of Padang Panjang.

West Sumatra tourism still a success in 2020

With the most natural community forests, we enhance the feeling of nature while walking this trail. You will get very expensive rewards when you reach Telaga Kumbang, a favorite spot for fishing enthusiasts. Kumbang Lake has many freshwater fish and it is very interesting to fish in this lake.

Batusangkar city tour, there is the iconic Pagaruyung Palace

Enjoy the charm of the PDIKM and happy camping. It was really unforgettable. Especially at night or in the morning. If the sky is not cloudy, you can enjoy a starry night sky and a stunning sunrise in the morning. For those who like selfies or photography, Bukit Tui offers views unmatched in Indonesia. So take a photo. Make new friends who love to travel and hike. It will surely increase your enthusiasm for rock climbing, and for those of you who are still confused, rock climbing is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind and body. So relax. Do not waste your time. Let’s have fun. Of all the fun things you can do, the greatest joy is keeping the mountain stable and clean. Please don’t litter. Love the environment.

A better way to check your fitness before going up the mountain. Make sure your body is in a completely healthy and perfect environment. Climbing a mountain is very taxing on your body, so you don’t have time to carry enough items like drinks, snacks, or food. Don’t forget to bring a jacket or warm clothes. Friends who want to take pictures, please make sure the phone battery and camera battery are fully charged.

If you need a power bank, please wear sandals or walking shoes that fit your feet. Tight shoes or fear of honor can hurt you. Make sure all your hiking gear is in your bag. And if you are afraid of rain, you can use a waterproof bag. Speaking of rain, don’t forget to bring a jacket or coat.

Padang Panjang Minangkabau is a district that can be called Minangkabau. Because people come from various regions of Minangkabau. Obviously, the accent used in everyday conversation is not a typical accent, but a standard Minangkabau accent that is easy to understand. It was formed from the assimilation of Minangkabau customs and culture from various regions.

Sweet Morning at Luak Gadang, a new tour in the kingdom of Minang

One of the factors is that Padang Panjang has always been known as an intersection city. The people of Padang Panjang make their living from farmers, laborers, and merchants.

Ok, there is not much information about facilities and tips for easy trekking tours in Padang Panjang. This could work. Remember, put safety first. If you need a guide in Padang Panjang. Most popular tourism in West Sumatra: Padang is not only famous for its rendang, its restaurants are all over Indonesia! The capital city of West Sumatra and its surrounding cities have unique natural resources and can become unique tourist destinations.

One of them is the Bukittinggi Clock Tower. During your vacation in Patong, you can visit many tourist attractions that may be a bit different than usual.

West Sumatra tourism still a success in 2020

Have you ever wanted to walk along the boardwalk, enjoy the water and the mangroves and feel the beauty of nature? Now you can see it at Banto Rayo Koto Tangah Tourist Park in Thilatang Kamang Agam, one of the relatively new tourist attractions in Padang! Living in Padang is a cheap option for tourists

Latest Tourist Attractions in Bukittinggi Coming to 2022

Spiritual tourism in Padang? you may! Tuo Kayu Jao Mosque is the oldest mosque in Minangkabau with a history of more than 400 years. Its unique shape and exotic location make this mosque a must-see in Padang.

Located on the largest oil palm plantation south of Solok, Batu Kapal Cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in West Sumatra. The impressive decoration of stalactites and stalagmites on the cave walls is not to be missed!

Pamutusang Island is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Padang. Naturally, this small island began to attract the attention of many tourists with its beautiful angles and impressive views. You can also snorkel around the island and admire the coral reefs.

Who would have thought that this old coal mine would become an interesting and exciting tourist destination in and around Padang? One of them is Lake Savalento whose water is a beautiful blue in this artificial lake. With an amazing panorama all around you, this place is sure to be very beautiful. Top tourist attractions in Damasya

Tourist attractions in Payakumbuh, there is a Harau Valley that is one of the favorites of travelers

The Grand Mosque in West Sumatra is one of the newer tourist attractions in Padang and Sumatra and resembles a traditional Minangkabau house. Due to its uniqueness, this place has become a religious tourism destination for people who come to the capital of West Sumatra.

An interesting place to enjoy Lake Maninjau is Lawang Park in Din. From above, it is not only an interesting place, but there are many things that you can find during a short break in Din.

Tongang Nature Tourism is the right place for those interested in selfie tourism. In addition to many exciting places to take pictures, you can also find places to relieve stress.

West Sumatra tourism still a success in 2020

Ngalau Simalasok is one of the unspoiled tourist attractions in Patong. in jorong

Location, photos and ticket prices for Lembah Anai Tanah Datar waterfall

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