Weibo popularized Suzy’s drama ‘Anna’ after receiving negative reaction, Chinese audience against criticism
drama Suzy is currently showing,IHeading into China via Weibo. But it is clear that the protests of the Chinese public were quickly responded to by Korean netizens.

Previously, “Anna” received negative reactions from the Chinese audience regarding a scene in the second episode. The scene where Yoo Mi (Suzy) tries to sell a luxury watch that turns out to be a replica made in China received a strong response on Weibo.

In particular, Chinese netizens did not accept the portrayal of their country producing counterfeit goods. For information, the scene refers to a real incident where a company was caught selling Chinese replicas of celebrities and chaebols by pretending they were real.

Korean netizens quickly noticed Anna’s criticism and it backfired. They flock to defend Suzy’s drama by pointing out how the Chinese accessed the content from South Korea.

One netizen commented, “They act clean when they watch soap operas illegally.” Another user added, “They are very angry because they are accused of making copies but they are watching the drama illegally.” “How do they watch a Korean drama that I don’t even know about?” Another said.

Korean netizens lament why Korean netizens object to something based on a true story. While on the other hand, the drama “Anna” is distributed in a limited way and is only broadcast on the Coupang Play streaming platform.

One netizen commented, “The irony is that they watch illegal dramas and claim they don’t produce fake goods.” Another continued, “It’s ridiculous that they claim that the drama that actually happened in real life is fake, when they watch it for free illegally.”

Meanwhile, “Anna” tells the story of a woman named Yoo Mi who lost a part of herself to a lie. Coming from a poor background, Yoo Mi climbs the social class ladder via the path of lies to become an upper class named Anna.

The series “Anna” has been broadcasting since June 24, and it consists of only 8 episodes. This drama airs every Friday at 20:00 local time.


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