Watch: Viral Video of Drunk Monk Telling Police ‘Whiskey Cure Covid-19’

In current information, a monk named Phra Thanakorn was arrested after he was drunk driving. After being arrested, the monk admitted that he consumed whiskey because it could stop Covid-19. Not only did the officers detain him but they also kicked him out of the monkhood. Now, information about his detention has surfaced all over the web and has caught the attention of a large number of people. People are looking for the fine print of this matter and about that monk. Here in this article, try what actually happened to that monk.

In response to the research, a Buddhist monk went around asking people for cash and wreaking havoc in the neighborhood market. Phra Thanakorn reportedly caused a commotion in Thailand’s Mueang Loej district on Wednesday, July 20, 2022. After finding his bronze pickup truck outside the market, police recognized him by the Buddhist temple title printed on the car door.

The officers went looking for him and when they came back they found him drunk, sitting in the truck. The police asked the monk to get out of the car, but because he was so drunk he didn’t. Authorities further admitted that the monk was speaking nonsense and that he had even failed to provide any identity. Thanakarn was drinking whiskey with lemon when he was supposed to be on a three-month retreat at his temples at the Na Din Dam.

According to sources, the monk left the temple with two additional monks in a pickup truck in the morning to head out to the market. Thanakorn further admitted that their driver had been in an accident and that was the reason why he was driving the pickup truck himself. He revealed that he made two pictures of Level 40 rice whiskey mixed with lemon because he believed it prevented Covid-19. When Thanakorn was questioned at the Muang Loej police station where he was found to be very drunk.

The Leoj Provincial Buddhism Workplace states that Tanakorn’s drunken antics will now get him expelled from his monkhood for violating a number of guidelines, along with leaving the temple grounds during a rainy retreat, demanding cash, getting drunk and drunk driving. The information has garnered a lot of deliberation from most people and everyone seems to be looking for it. Currently, not many details on this matter are obtained. Keep an eye on us for additional updates.

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