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Watch : Viral Full HD Video of Amber Rae McElravy Child Abuse on Twitter and Facebook

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Leaked Video of Amber Rae McElravy Abusing Children

According to Amber Rae McElravy’s video, the mother beat the belt and threw her son across the room. He only accepted the danger of the child. Definitely a must try, m$rder. Some new laws are needed. She should not be allowed to bear any more children.

After lawmakers visited Amber McElravy’s home on Scott Street in Newton Township on Tuesday, she was detained. Amber Rae McElravy, 27, is featured in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Although the child cries in pain in the video, Amber beats him with a belt. He has been detained by the police and is still being held without bail. I hope they embarrass him in prison.

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