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Full video of the anesthesiologist on Twitter with the link mentioned at the end of the article

Watch the Video of doing medico Anesthesia completo on Twitter with the link mentioned at the end of the article.

What is the Video that resolved the Anesthesiologist Twitter Controversy?

This is a video leaked from a hospital where Nurses and technicians at the Hospital da Mulher de Vilar dos Teles, in São João de Meriti (RJ), filmed anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra robbing a pregnant woman during a cesarean section at dawn this Monday (11), at Baixada Fluminense.

This image taken by an employee inside the surgical center of the da Mulher Heloneida Studart Hospital, in São João de Meriti, Baixada Fluminense, shows the moment when anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 31, raped a pregnant woman who was in the delivery room.

Nurses and nursing technicians from the public health unit will be suspicious of the behavior and amount of sedatives doctors administered to pregnant women in the other two surgeries, which were carried out on Sunday (10/7). In the third operation, he was arrested while the patient was being sedated.

In a note, Bezerra’s defense said he was waiting for access to testimony to express himself.

In the picture, it is possible to observe that Giovanni is positioned on the other side of the cloth, which covers the victim from the shoulders up. The doctor placed the penis in the victim’s mouth and carried out the rape.

One can watch this video doing the full medico anesthesia on Twitter here.

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