Watch Torito Tec Twitter Video Leaked by Unknown User

Torito tec twitter- Social media is on fire now for a viral video, where a woman and a waiter are seen performing an exotic dance in Torito Sinalonense (Torito Tec). A client along with a server is seen in the disturbing video that shows them explicitly dancing at a south Monterey restaurant, which rapidly went viral on social media as per the video.

Torito tec twitter- Are the motel rooms under surveillance?

The restaurant was located at the intersection of Estado Avenue and Agroonomos Street in the Technologico area. The participants and the restaurant employees were seen dancing in the photographs, and the waiter is seen hugging the young woman who is seen removing her T-shirt completely for exposing her chest. The young man then took advantage of the situation and kissed her breasts.

Torito tec twitter- Public Reaction

The video not only freaked out the public but also in other videos the same woman is seen with other two women, where one of the women lifted her skirt while dancing for displaying what she was wearing inside.

The waiter, who is known as Carlos Onofre, took to the Facebook account that had been sacked. Users on social media recognized the woman as Magaly Medina, an OnlyFans model who publishes S8xual content.   

Torito tec twitter   


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